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I bought the theme and I am working with this theme on How can I make the homebutton grey color? And why does is the menu invisible on my mobile? Can I also import a contact form?

Thanks in advance! René

are you sure you’re using our theme (Zenzero for Ghost)? Looking at the source code of your website it seems a WordPress website.
In addition, it does not appear that you have bought it.
Please don’t hesitate to write us again if you have other questions regarding the theme

Hiya, Do you have any update on when the fix for the ‘preload all posts’ bug that is slowing my site down is due please? Thanks!


we are working on this fix; we hope to release the new update in the next few days

Hi again. There has still been no updated release to fix the ‘preload all posts’ bug that you said would have a fix a few months ago. It is very frustrating as I’m sure many visitors to my site will be put off waiting for it to load. Could you let us know what is happening with the update please?


we are very sorry to keep you waiting so long with this update. The fix is ready and tomorrow morning we will upload.


Thanks for the quick support when i messaged you, just wondering if there are plans to include ghost 0.6 updates. Specifically having the drop down menus integrated?

A final question: is there a way to have all of the tags displayed by default instead of having to hover over the “all tags” button?


sorry, but we haven’t scheduled yet any update to most recent versions of Ghost.

You can change the default behaviour by following those instructions:

- Remove lines from 29 to 31 of index.hbs

All tags

- Remove lines from 238 to 240 and lines 365 and 366 from assets/js/postScript.js

self.$tagMenu.css({ height: 0 });


$(’.btn-select’).on(‘mouseenter’, poster.showTags); $(’.menu-list-tag’).on(‘mouseleave’, poster.hideTags);

For any other issue, please write us again.


Hi – i would like to use a custom font – josefine – could you help me out? greetings remo :)

Hi, yes you can easily change the Google font used in Zenzero. Thanks for your interest

hi, I liked you theme. One Pre-sale Question : Is this support multi-author…???

Hi, thanks for the appreciation.
Yes, multi-author is included in the Ghost admin panel. Go to settings > Users > New User.

Do you plan on updating for Ghost v0.9.0?

sorry but we have not planning a new version of Zenzero