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Nice work :) good luck for good sales.

Well done. Nice design. Good luck in sales :)

Thank you very much :)

Very nice! I enjoy the different style for the menu pulldown, buttons, etc. :)

Will use it for a future project for sure. Tom

Nice job! Going to purchase later today…are the circles for the services on the home page in a layered .psd? Say if I wanted to swap out the icons? Also, is the font you used for the logo a free one?

Good job!

Hi, dleodoro,

Thanks, and yes those images in the services page are layered PSD ’s, they use layer masks to easily insert graphics into.

The font is called Yanone Kafeetsatz and you can find it on Fontsquirrel for free (see descritpion page for the link).



OK well not sure why but when I first looked in FF11 everything was out of whack but I just cleared my cache and everything good now… no idea. Anyways, saying that good luck with sales :)


Hi Jonathan,

That sounds odd since I did the majority of testing in FF11 .. Anyway thanks for the feedback :)

@Jonathan.. Works perfectly fine on our MacPros iMac and 15” MacBooKPro with Firefox 11

nice work…

just got this very nice how do i change the logo width and height? where is it located i searched everywhere :(

Hi ManoOf, Thanks for the purchase :)

Do you mean the file or the HTML ? If it’s the HTML , here’s where it is.. Screenshot

The file is located in the “images > main” subfolder.

Hi – nice work! I am wondering if you can play/link to video in the portfolio section? If so, how?

Hi cturner24fps,

Currently Zero Sum won’t support videos, but I’m workin on an update to allow this.


I love the theme, I wonder if you could add a page with a bunch of form elements like: text input, password input, drop down, radio buttons, checkboxes. And have classes for different stages of validation

Hi JoshStrange,

Thanks for the purchase!

I’m currently working on an update to include more HTML elements including forms etc. Also trying to make a Wordpress version. Watch this space…

any ETA on the wordpress version? very nice!


I’ve been trying to get my head around the theme options idea and coding it. So it could be quite some time yet. I do plan to have a good options panel though, so hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait.

Cheers :)

The layout doesn’t work well on IE7 and IE8 . Especially in IE8 , the style may lost if I refresh the page. The background pictures of header and footer may lost in IE7 and IE8 . And the menu doesn’t work well in IE neither. And also, sometime the browser doesn’t support the default font. Do you have any idea how to fix it?

Hi colorfuluk,

This template hasn’t been modified to work in IE7 as there is little demand for it. I’ve tested in IE8 and found no problems. Could you send me a link to your site or a screenshot so I can take a look. E-mail me from my profile page.


Thanks for your reply. Finally I figured it out, if you put the theme in a folder, then using the css, js, font eg. <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”/zerosum/css/style.css” />, it works well in firefox, chrome and IE9 , but not IE8 and IE7 . Anyway, thanks for your quick reply.

Awesome theme!

Hello, I’ve been considering purchasing this theme, and I’m wondering if there are any plans to produce a Wordpress version? If so, do you have an approximate delivery date? Thanks!

Hi pbarney,

There is already a WordPress version available courtesy of IulianN here.

Thanks for your interest,


Thanks! Is there anything in the HTML template that’s not in the WordPress template?

Everything in Zero Sum WP can be found in the HTML version

is this theme visual composer ready


This is a HTML template and is not compatible with the Visual Composer or WordPress.