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Outstanding design! The colors are great! Congrats and goodluck!

Thanks a lot! :)

Nice work! Will there be an HTML or wordpress version?

Thanks dleodoro :)

A HTML version is in the works, watch this space.

nice design!

Thanks mabuc :)

Very nice layout. Will the HTML layout contain differnt color options? And any chance of a matching email and powerpoint presentation?

Hi Acronda, There wil be more colour options in the HTML version. As for email and powerpoint, We’ll see how sales go for now…


great and a very well designed theme, good luck with sales

Bookmarked!! :)

Thank you very much! :)

Any updates on the HTML version? and when to expect WP version.


HTML version is around 60% complete. Wordpress version will depend on how well the HTML version does.

how far is HTML version in progress, 9 days ago it was 60% complete and what about as of today?

It’s around 80%. Ran into a couple of poroblems in IE whilst testing (whats new!). I will keep you updated.


great, i purchased your psd + did some redesign for my printing biz site, so now i want to see what might changed + have html for my developer guy unless you be interested in coding my site?

Is the theme near completion? percentage?

thanks, :)

It’s about 80% finished… Just trying to overcome some cross-browser issues, as is always the case :)

How are the cross-browser issues working out?

update on % of completion?


A quick update on the HTML version: it’s about 95% complete. Solved all cross browser issues apart from IE7 which still needs tinkering with.

Then I need to implement a working PHP script for the contact form and Google maps… And then there’s the documentation.

So, getting there then :)