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When a visitor inputs text into my “contact form” (plug in/BestWebSoft) the text is clear with a blue shadow, making it hard for them to see what they’ve typed. I can’t seem to remedy this issue and I’m wondering if it is due to CSS? Anyone else ever experience anything issues like this?

Never mind. I figured it out (finally) – just added this to the CSS

cntctfrm_contact_form input.text,

cntctfrm_contact_form textarea {

color:#00000; }

hello! how do i add a player url to the bottom audio player on this theme? i cannot figure it out thanks!

A player URL? you can add URLs to audio files like MP3. You do that here: http://cl.ly/O1jM

What audio files did you use for the demo?

PORTFOLIO – I have about 300 pages in portfolio… ( http://www.balkanselection.com/modeli/ ) I want limit 10 titles per page in portfolio? how?

Hi all, I would like to buy this theme but I’ve two questions first : - is it possible to have an URL to see real Zeus theme from bloggers? - Is it possible to import personal font? Many thanks for your help. David

1. I have this URL for example: http://riverredfilm.com/wp/ Also you can check the support forum to see others user’s comments.

2. You can create a Cufon font and then use it on the theme.

Hello, I just bought the theme and am trying to find some information.

i just went in the forum but cannot find the optimum images spec for full screen photo galleries. Can you please tell me what the pixel dimensions and ppi combo are optimum for the Zues theme. I want the photos to display full screen.

I also would like to set the theme up identically as you have in the demos for “Home HTML 5”. Love the video going to a series of stills. Possible you would tell me how you set this up including the compression settings for the self hosted video? Can this combo loop?

How do you add the twitter logo at the footer in stead of the You Tube Logo?

How do you add the special social icons to the first footer widget area?

Thank you in advance. David

I answered your email.

Muitos erros muitos problemas, não recomendo.

If you have any error you can create a support topic in the forums and I will help you. http://support.eneaa.com

Hi eneaa,

This theme looks great. I’d like to know if I can upload my own images in the background in local. I’m using MAMP on a Mac. Is it possible? It looks easy, but I had this problem with another theme, and I don’t want to have it anymore.

Yes, you can use it local or online.

No permission has to be changed or anything like this? I’ve been very embarrassed because of this and I don’t know if it was a problem with my computer or with the theme.. That is why I’m asking this to you.

Some times you have to change the permission on your folders. Just like you will do on any server.

But I can help you, you just need to change one folder. I use Themes local with XAMPP on Mac without problems.

hello. i am thinking to buy this theme for my photography site. as i am building a chinese site, my friend told me that this theme can’t display chinese charaters in the navigator bar because the cufon function. how i can deactived it and display chinese in the navigator. thanks for the help.

You can disable Cufon from the Admin panel very easy. And then every character will work.

Buenas Nico me esta costando muchísimo comprender el funcionamiento de tu plantilla.

Podrias decirme los primeros pasos para generar mi pagina de portfolio y de inicio.

La verdad es que llevo varios dias intentandolo y no me aclaro.

¿Serias tan amable de echarme una mano para que la pueda continuar yo?

Te he enviado un mail, vas a poder encontrar la documentacion dentro del ZIP que te descargaste.

Nico he visto tu e-mail y en el zip que me descargue no hay ninguna carpeta llamada “Documentation”, te he enviado una captura de pantalla al e-mail para que lo vieras.

Dime a ver como me lo puedes solucionar, por favor.

Un saludo

Hi do anybody knows how to activate the gallery fullscreen in the zeus theme???


Have you seen the Documentation? There are videotutorials. Here is a video on How to create a Gallery: http://www.screenr.com/wMAs

Then you just select the “Fullscreen” page template.

Thank’s for the previous answer. I have another big problem: Even if i follow exactly the documentation , i cant put a you tube or another video background in homepage; it gives me only a black screen… ... what can i do? thank you very much !

this in the URL www.d-kola.com

You have to upload the “jwplayer” folder. Send me an email with a WordPress and FTP user and I will take a look. support@quemalabs.com

hi Nico

we sent you an e-mail (last friday al 19.27) with the wp user and pass. let us know if you need something else… thank you

Yes, answered the email now.l

YEAH! thank you very much nico

Hello Nico

I recently installed Zeus ~ which I think is great ~ but have a problem with the way the size and aspect ratio of stills appear in the NEWS section, specifically the thumbnails and the larger versions when the thumbnails are clicked. Here’s my url:


I’ve looked at the tutorial section you included with the template but where do I amend/replace the code so these shots are automatically resized and oriented?



I see that you have changed the size of the thumbnails: http://www.matthewhuntley.com/news/

What do you want to do now exactly?

Hi Nico.

Thanks for getting back to me. A friend helped me install the template. She altered the way the thumbnails size, but vertically oriented shots still get cropped as thumbnails and in full size. Right now she’s busy and I don’t know where this change is made.




I am having trouble with using a YouTube video for background on my home page. Vimeo links seem to work fine but YouTube videos crash the site and the animations to hide and show the menu bar is not functioning. Can you help me with this?

I answered your email about this, I think everything is fine now.

Thank you so much!

Hey, I have the exact same issue as “ddamodar” was having in the last post. How do I fix this issue?

Please crete a Support Topic in http://support.eneaa.com with your URL, I will take a look.

I cant register to login with your support page. It keeps telling me that my purchase code is invalid.

Ok, send me an email to support@quemalabs.com.

Hi, I purchased this theme about a year ago and I love it, however, I do have one question. On your demo, when you click “blog,” it goes to a page that has all your posts showing. I think the installation I did is missing this page template, can you help me out?

That’s the default template for the blog page. The file is “zeus/index.php”. Make sure that you have selected that page in your admin panel>>Settings>>Reading: http://cl.ly/QAG1

I’ve selected it as the blog page and it displays the posts, however, the sidebar is not active

http://herestothenight.com/?page_id=526 <~~ that’s the “blog” page, and the settings match properly

actually disregard my last comment, i’ve figured that out..now i have a different issue…the sidebar will not generate on that page..any help?

It looks like when the page is selected as the post page, it reverts to it’s own template that does not pull the sidebar, regardless of what template i’ve picked..

I haven’t received any email from you.

I answered all my emails. Can you send it to me again? support@quemalabs.com

Sure, I sent the email again yesterday.