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Hi, I’d like both your themes black label and zeus, but I prefer the menu in Zeus. Will it be easy to change the backgroung opacity as in black label? adding a line to css maybe? thanks!

In zeus the opacity is made from an image. You can change the opacity on that image and that’s it.

Hola yo ya compré este tema, y quiero hacer una pregunta en el foro de soporte, pero para ingresar necesito poner el código de compra, pero acá en mi cuenta no aparece. Solo aparece la opción”regular licence”. Me pueden ayudar? gracias. Karin.

Me puedes enviar un mail a support@quemalabs.com

Hi, I’m having trouble removing the default widgets from pages. I emptied the default sidebar of the existing widgets, but they seem to stick there nonetheless. I also created a new sidebar as outlined in the docs, with a random text, and then selected it, and my custom text is there, but the default widgets are there too, even though they don’t appear in the sidebar.. How do I fix this? Thanks!

Those are default widgets if you don’t use any. But once you add at least one widget they disappear and you will only see your widget.

Actually, they didn’t. I was talking about the hard coded widgets in the footer. I did find the solution on this site though, someone else asked the same question. In short, you edit your footer.php and take out what you don’t need/want.

but it was my mistake, i thought that’s the sidebar.


I have a few questions: 1) the demo site seems to have different graphics than the theme i downloaded, a wider menu ribbon/ending and larger fonts for the heading title and menu items. I found where to increase the font size for the heading in the style.css, but the graphics are stuck to their size. Also, couldn’t find how to change the font size for the menu items

Is there a place where I can get an updated version with graphics the same size as the demo?

2) Is there a way to add captions to the slider items, a la Black Label? I don’t see a similar option in Zeus.


1) You can change the font size in the Admin Panel>>Zeus>>Style Options. About the graphics, they should be the same. Can you show me a URL to this?

2) There isn’t that option yet, I’m sorry.

Hi. You were correct, the graphics are the same. However, the font size for the page title can only be changed in the css file, the style options only has provisions to change the content an links. Am I missing anyhting?

Yes, you can change the headings font with CSS. For example, go to your Admin Panel>>Zeus>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
h2{ font-size: 24px;}

Another issue: The contact form doesn’t seem to be sending email. Is there anywhere I should look to fix this?


Send me your URL I will take a look to see what’s happening. support@quemalabs.com

My Background Video doesn´t start! Where can I change the URL and link my private video?!

You can add the URL while editing the page. Have you seen the documentation? Send me an email with your URL if you still have problems. support@quemalabs.com

Hi there

This a wonderful theme, great work.

I have an issue, i cant enable the sidebar on my blog page, can you help?

See image


Send me an email with a WordPress user and I will take a look. support@quemalabs.com

Hola, la plantilla está genial! Pero me gustaría poder mantener el menu en ‘HOME PAGE’ y esconderlo cuando sea necesario. Esto sería posible? Gracias

Te refieres a que no se esconda automaticamente? Solo tienes que abrir “zeus/footer.php” y remover desde la linea 140 hasta la 144.

Hola, enhorabuena por la plantilla. Dos preguntas: 1.- Cuando pongo un vídeo .mp4 se me bloquea la portada y no me sale el vídeo. (También me pasa si pruebo con vídeo de Youtube) 2.- Qué tengo qué hacer para que cuando termine el vídeo me salga el slider, ya lo tengo creado, pero como no sale el vídeo, no puedo probar si funciona, he probado con vídeos de vimeo pero al terminar no me ha salido el slider automáticamente.

Gracias! Cristina

Ya lo solucioné, gracias


the main menu don’t show items…can you help fix this?

here is the link: http://kbd.so/jdb-kbd

Looks like is working fine now, right? http://cl.ly/SLJu


First congratulations for your beautiful theme.

I have some questions: 1 / What is the maximum size of the videos placed in the background? 2 / Is the video can continue after a click on another page? 3 / Can I choose to display by default the text boxes and the widget area? 4 / Can we shift the menu bar and content area more on the left ?



1) There isn’t a maximum size. It all depends on the browser size.

2) No, because the site loads the content again. You can have the same or another video but it will start from the beginning.

3) Do you mean in the home page? you want the widget area open by default? Yes, you can do that.

4) You can’t by default. You will have to do that as a customization on your own.

Thx for your answers. Albane

Hello, how are you?

I bought your Zeus Theme almost 2 years ago. I just want to know if you have an update? Some features doesn’t work very well in wordpress. For example if i Activate Jetpack i’ll have some problems with the background images or video in the pages. Also my post in the blog don’t apear as previews with the button to “read More”... instead the completely post appear at the page. And other problems… when looking at your site preview it seems to have other options, thats why i ask if you have any updated zeus theme.

Thank you for your time. Regards

Send me an email with a WordPress and FTP user and I will take a look. support@quemalabs.com

Nico, can the images in a gallery page link to an external html file instead of itself? how?

I’ve tried to register in the support forum but said key not valid, why is that?

thanks in advance!

I answered your email.

I have received no instructions in the documents folder. Only a link to this site. I can’t get the background video to play.

Please create a Support Topic in http://support.eneaa.com with your URL, I will take a look.

Thanks, I got the background vid to play using vimeo so that’s good and I’ve got the back ground image working :) But I can’t get a sub menu working on my ‘Gallery’ page. I’ve selected ‘Gallery’ as the pages’s parent but still no luck. Thanks http://sirpatrickpictures.com/gallery-2/

Send me an email with a WordPress and FTP user and I will take a look. support@quemalabs.com

Hello! We would like to set up Facebook comments in the portfolios. Is this possible? the theme works great, thank you !!

MAybe you can use a plugin for this, something like this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/facebook-comments-plugin/

Are you able to prevent the menu/logo from hiding?

Yes, you can prevent it removing a line of code.

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to have audio background different for page. (relax for page1 – rock for page 2 ) thanks

Yes, each page can have a different background audio.

Hello, So I am having issues uploading this theme. I have tried zipping up the theme folder only and it still doesn’t work. what can i do?

Send me an email with a WordPress and FTP user and I will help you with that. support@quemalabs.com

Hello! I found your theme very interesting, but I have a couple of questions: - I see it is adapten to ipad and iphone, is it also adapted for tablets and other smartphones? - Also, does it work with WPML? Thank you!

Zeus Theme is not fully responsive. But Black Label it is and also works perfect with WPML. Here is Black Label: themeforest.net/item/black-label-fullscreen-video-image-background/336949?ref=eneaa

I would like to move the Page Title and Page Content down so it sits in line with the top item on my navigation. At present it sits up in the air near my logo.

Is there some code I can edit so these right hand content areas site down on the page?