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Awesome work! Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks! :)

Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks! :)

I really like the template especially these crafted elements, hope you will get many sales!

Thank you so much for kind words :)

Good Luck, my friend :)

Thank you my friend :)

Nice one!Like it :)

Thank you ThemeRox :)

Great work buddy!!!! ;)

Thank you juanmita :)

Nice job, GLWS o7

Thank you DJMiMi ;)

Hi. Can you update form element like select box, radio button and checkbox? I want to purchase it but it’s seem like only have textbox and textarea form element which I can found in contact page. I will purchase it once you have all the form element :)

Hello, i am glad that you are interested in purchasing Zicer template. Contact form is made to be “basic” form and most people need only basic functionality. That is the reason why i can not make these changes because most people don’t need that. You can hire someone to do that for you for cheap money, for example you can use some freelance services.

That is only my suggestion. If the template has all these element then we can use it vice versa.

Thank you for your suggestion i appreciate that, i will take in consideration all that you said in the future :)

Wow impressive! Nice arty look. I’m looking for a video bg template but this was hard to ignore. :)

Thank you so much for your kind words, i really appreciate that :)

Hi, I bought the template, awesome work. But I would like to be able to have the Twitter feed in the footer, why was this option not included?

And is it easy to add it?

I do know a bit of HTML but I am crap at CSS. I just want to replace ‘From the blog’ with ‘Twitter’. Any help would be much appreciated.

Here is the answer:

1.) In every HTML file that you want to use you need to delete old code and add a new code then save changes.

2.) Go to css/master.css and find “Footer” block of code and add this line of code and save changes.

3.) Go to js/custom.js and find “Function For Calling Twitter Plugin” and add this block of code and then save changes.

NOTE: you can copy existing function then paste it below and you only need to replace that:

Please if you like the template don’t forget to rate. I would appreciate that. Thanks

Your help is much appreciated; and I rated. Thanks

Hello. I love your theme, but is it possible to disable the responsive part and keep it at fixed width whichever the device ? is there a simple and smart way to do that with minimal change ?


You there?

hey, how do you want to do this ?

Please contact me at wpentercom@gmail.com and send me your theme so i can customize it . Thnx