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Wow! super nice theme! :D

Thank you very much buddy, we really appreciate your comment

Really Multi-Purpose Theme! excellent job guys :)

Thank you so much Genti :)

Great work, congratulations :)
Good luck with sales.

Thank you very much :)

Amazing work, keep it up.

Thank you very much GradaStudio :)

Its a very beautifull theme…!! :bigsmile: Is the theme compatible with bbpress or buddypress…!!! want to make an interactive blog.

Hi rajshri123,

We are going to implement these plugins (or one of them) in the near future, hopefully for 1-2 weeks.

Thanks for your comment.


okk.. Thanks ur theme is a solution oack for all my needs..!! grt… gonna wait for you next update…!!!

Thank you very much :) we will do our best to release the new update soon.


Hi, judging with your design expertise, do you think this could fit for a organic food/beverage website?


Hi Peter, as you can see we have created some varieties of Zinc, you can also use it for a restaurant site like this:

Thank you, Art.

Hi! Wow, the theme is stunning. One question before I buy: is it possible to show a video and an email-opt-in-field in the homepage-slider?

Best Regards, Hendrik

Hi Hendrix, thank you for your kind comments, the theme uses the Layer Slider which supports videos also but for the e-mail field i don’t know, maybe you can make it by combining other plugins like Contact Form 7 (which we also support on this theme) and then you’ll get what you want.

Have a nice day, Art.

I was reading the Layer Slider plugin page and found this

Use with ANY HTML content (including images, embedded videos, text, forms, flash content and anything you need!)

Maybe this is all what you need. Click here for more info:


Ok, thanks a lot! I’ll give it a try. Cheers

My installation isnt working and i cannot find any support. I follow all the instructions supplied but all i get is blank white screens. I have used FTp and also imported the zip, still doesnt work. Ive also completely deleted everything and redid it. Still no joy.

Please can someone help????

Its PHP 5.3

Write me here: arlindd at gmail

Amazing customer service also. Thank you for everything.

Hi. Great theme. I have updated the information in the contact page and the details do not update?

I cannot change the details in the contact page you provided such as address, telephone number and email. if a make a new page and select contact as the template add new details and publish these don’t show either.

Hi activstudios,

Sorry for this issue, I have fixed it and it will be included in v1.1

But I will give you the modified file if you don’t have time to wait for the next release:

Here you download this file:

And replace to zinc/inc/laborator_functions.php

Thanks for reporting this issue


Super! many thanks for the file in advance to the update. Works great

Hello, I want to ask, is there any option to put the woocommerce cart in to sticky header?

Hi iceedge

Please see the

Is this what are you interested in?


no, i want when scroll down the fixed header have a woocommerce cart in it. Just like :

Hi icedge,

Here is a way to do this:

And steps to do this: 1. Create new menu item 2. Apply in the Navigation label

<i class="font-icon-{ICON_TYPE}" />

Current example:

Mind-blowing awesome job. I think buddypress integration would speed up sales ;)

Hello kiwii, thank you for your suggestions, we’re considering to implement it within this week or by the next week.


Great!! Bought it ;)

Many thanks buddy.

In case if you need assistance feel free to write to us.


Hello, I bought your theme (which is great) but I am having some problems. My Wordpress is a wordpress 3.6. Clean installation. Demo data imported. 1) The team carousel widget does not work. 2) It seems that on the canvas of a page is missing a tag which generates a display problem. Is this is due to my visual composer plugin or something else? Tank you in advance. Best regards.

Hi bloutch,

If you had previously installed Visual Composer I recommend to delete it, and activate the one that is attached with the theme.

It has few customizations in the layout, but the plugin version is still the latest one available.

If the problem still persists I will try to learn why is this happening.

Thanks for purchase,


WOOOOW!! This solved the problem, thank you for your quick response. I just have to tell you : what a crazy theme dude. Thank you so much for your hard work, + your quick & quality support. Good luck with sales.

Thank you very much buddy,

We are really happy to hear these words, its motivation for us to keep up with the good work.


Does the slider allow video?

Yes it support videos also.


Love the flexibility of this. Could work for a client of mine, so gonna mock up a screenshot in Photoshop and hopefully will be back to purchase if I get go-ahead!

Hi theme-ed,

We are glad that you have considered our theme. We are happy to assist you in case if you need so.


I like it, are there any plugins required for use that I would have to buy / install that will not be included with the theme package?

I was looking at your inline documentation and noticed for instance the Clone Your Own Site. Will updating the theme be relatively easy as well when necessary?

Great work btw, looks lovely.

Hi TizzyLish,

Pre-packed plugins that you don’t need to buy are: Layer Slider and Visual Composer, and other recommended plugins that you may purchase and use (but they are optional) are: Uber Menu (16$), WooCommerce (free), Custom Sidebars (free) and Contact Form 7 (free)

You may consider by yourself whether it is easy cloning your site or not, check out this video tutorial:

Thanks for your kind comments



I’m really interested in buying this theme for my new website project. Regarding to this I have at least 2 questions:

1) Social Media icon bar
Is it possible to customize the social media icon bar (add networks/change icon/add title-tag/...)?

2) Printer friendly
After printing some pages of the demo site, I realized that there is no printer friendly structure used. Is there a future update for printer friendly pages?

Thanks in advance!

Hi mhigher,

We are very glad that you are considering our theme to purchase.

Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Social Media can be added in the admin panel, see the list: Then this list will be included via shortcode:

2. Unfortunately we haven’t made any effort on this area because it is less important for the most purchasers, but there you can apply your own CSS via Appearance > Editor (style.css) file edit.

Hopefully my answers are clear to you.


Clean install of WordPress 3.6.1, PHP 5.3. After uploading the theme files and selecting Activate from my WordPress Admin console, I receive the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF in /home/content/72/11913272/html/wp-content/themes/zinc/inc/lib/twitter_get_status.php on line 1

Any suggestions/

Emailed, thank you.

Thank you for your help, it works great!

You are welcome at any time. Thanks for purchase


I just bought this theme today.

First tried uploading it through the wordpress admin page and it didn’t work, kept coming up with an error message. I decided to upload it through ftp to my wp-content/themes folder and this is the error it gave me after i activation. >> “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF in /home/gwesover/public_html/wp-content/themes/zinc/inc/lib/twitter_get_status.php on line 1”

Now i don’t know what this means, kindly explain or tell me what to do next. Thanks.

Well, this is the final step that I must take, I need to try by myself to fix that, can you email FTP settings, so I will fix it for you?


okay then. just to confirm your email is ?

btw thanks for the quick response :)

Yes, that is my email.

You are welcome at any time :)


Your live preview doesnt appear to be working, getting a blank page

Now it is working, sorry for the inconvenience.

Its partly back up but your slider appears to be broken its just a blank space

We are switching to the new server, this may take a while, we are very sorry about this, hopefully this will be fixed soon.

There are backup sites sites:

We’ll be back in few hours.

Hello! congrats about this theme and I have a pre-buying question!

Can I make some Home Mixes? like a part of Metro, with Shop and a part from Metro 3?

Thank you!

Hi sandruhil

Yes of course you can do that, by combining layout elements and you will have the result you want.

Thanks for your comments