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Hello, I have a few questions: 1. How can I edit the Menu Height? and on the Sticky Menu how can I edit the color font to change it to white on Dark Skins. 2. The Contact Us page it doesn’t sending email. What other configuration do I have to do? 3. Can I use WooCommerce to create a Calculator?

I really appreciate your response. Great Theme!! A lot of features!! =D

Hi conexlink, thank you for your kind words, we’re glad to have a customer like you :).

1. The menu height is regulated with the items padding, you can also set the height of the sticky header by turning on the Thin Sticky Menu Type on theme options.

2. I’ve answered this on the other comment.

3. The configuration needed for the contact form in contact is the mail input where you need to put an email where the emails will be sent to, if this doesn’t work either there must be a problem with your mail servers, try it with an email like @gmail …

4. I don’t really know what calculator you can build with WooCommerce but for that you’ll need to ask the WooCommerce team as we have only implemented it in our theme.


Ever since i updated to your most current update on 3/20/2014, i keep on getting kicked out of wordpress. when i try to relogin i still get kicked out.

i have turned off all plugins except your theme’s essential plugins and still get kicked out

what do i do about session expiring?

Please email me the FTP, WP password, I will handle this.

sent. thank yoiu

Hi Khoi, Replied to your email earlier today.

Hello, just a few tiny tweaks to make my site perfect, can you help me out?

1 – I have an single image above a text block that does not perfectly align –

2 – In the right hand sidebar the width of the elements varies so the search box is smaller than the text box below.


Hi Will,

Just move all the css from Appearance > Editor (style.css) file to Custom CSS in Theme Options and you will not loose any customization because they will be saved in database.

To make sure you will not loose anything always create a backup of your theme.

Thanks for your kind words buddy!


One more thing! Can you help me fix this so the styles apply to a password protected page?

Hi WilliamBic, please email us your login information here: info at laborator dot co, we’ll fix it.



I know there is a one page possibility in the theme but is it also possible to use a page scroll in it? Example: By clicking on “contact” in the menu, the page scrolls down to the contact part (on the same page). Hope there is a solution for that.

Hi springinstituut,

Zinc supports one page alignment of layout elements, but doesn’t support the navigation on the elements.

To achieve this, you must add your own custom javascript.

Hi again,

I have 2 big issues that I was hopping they were gonna be fixed with the latest update!

First issue is this: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” I get this in my wordpress, woocomerse dashboard when i click on the tab for the shipping zones

Second issue is this: The “Recent Orders” was supposed to be on in a box over “my addresses. It used to be like that but know it moved to the edge of the page for some reason!

I need help asap!!

Thanks in advance!

I tried the “My account” link, but it worked good for me!

Please check here:

WooCommerce > Settings > Account

If its set

Ok thanks! That fixed it!!


Hi I keep getting kicked out of the dashboard saying my session has expired, I am sure I am all up to date with the theme and composer plug-in but I can;t stay logged in long enough to create any pages! I have a site I have been working on that goes live tomorrow, but I can’t log in long enough to edit important information. Ever since I updated i have been getting this issue. I have tried removing and re-installing the composer plug-in as mentioned in this thread somewhere, but not helped me.

I also try to edit my widgets, but my widget content is not being save everytime i visit the widget page it reverts back to the original widget content, and the visual editor now only displays a 0 in it and not the content whther its a text editor element, metro element or whatever, this is so frustrating and I am supposed to be live tomorrow because a national advertisement hits the press…this is awful!!!!!!

Hi rogerbacon,

I guess that any plugin may cause this issue in your site, found this thread:

It might help you to solve this problem.


I am busy to make a site for my restaurant, i had used on older version in November last year. The site was perfect and my only problem was to make a template for the woocomerce on text based version because not for all dishes do i have pictures or also for drink and other stuff it is not necessary. With this i had only one problem to make the woocommerce sorting list work.

Toda I start again but my site was not accessible anymore so I try to start again, downloaded WP 3.8 and new version of zinc but i can not install this theme anymore. It don’t show up when i use ftp and it don’t work when i use install tool from wordpress. can you help me out?

Hi dandgflex,

Can you tell me what kind of error did you had when tried to install the Zinc theme? Maybe blank white page?


Thank you for your respond, it’s ok now. i had made stupid mistake with my new installation. Do you now perhaps the way of calling the woocomerce sorting list in a template? I like to combine some templates and the sorting fuction don’t work within that template.

Ah great to hear that.

Hmm, I don’t know exactly what do you mean, but have you took a look at this page:

It gives you the shortcodes for the products, maybe this is what you want?

Here you can apply sorting options for example:

[recent_products per_page="12" columns="4" orderby="date" order="asc"]

If I am wrong I can lookup something for your case.



Hey, I have been using zinc successfully for sometime now & recently a new update for the visual composer has come through. I left it for a while but not it seems the sites home page isn’t showing & obviously this is affecting traffic. I have now purchased the update but I can’t seem to install it without bring down the whole site. Help! I need to get the home page up asap!


So I’ve not tried to the the automatic updater & it is saying that the theme isn’t activated, now the theme is definitely activated because I’m using it!

The site is

that home page isnt working but these pages are working fine or /services or /contact

Hi Chris,

Is it possible to you to enter to “Maintenance Mode” for a while till you update the theme then remove it again, this way you have a chance to change the theme.

Follow these steps:


2. Activate it and set the site to Coming soon mode.

3. Go to /wp-content/themes and change folder name “zinc” to “zinc-backup”

4. Go to and scroll down to Zinc theme, and download it

5. Go to appearance and upload it as new theme, activate it.

6. Go to plugins page, disable Visual Composer, then delete it

7. Go to Appearance > Install Plugins and install WP Bakery plugin

8. Disable Coming Soon mode, and see if its applied.

Hopefully you will have no issues with this. But for your safety you have “zinc-backup” so you can revert back to it again. It wont take so much time, maybe 5-10 minutes maximum.


Hi, two things: 1.- I installed the theme with the default content, but the menu don’t appear as the demo in the web. It appear red and small. Image attached:

2.-I tried also to change the skin and the first element in menu if I have selected another skin by default disappear.

Can you help me, please?

thanks in advance

Hi ericcion, this one should fix it:
section.header_nav nav.main.simple_nav .normal_menu > ul > li.has-sub > a:hover {
color: #FFF !important;

Paste it into the Custom CSS.


hi Art, it solve a part of it. I added this to the custom css, and solve, but when I move the mouse on other option menu, it not selected with the correct size.

section.header_nav nav.main.simple_nav .normal_menu > ul > li.has-sub > a:hover { color: #FFF !important; background-color:#2F7EE0!important;


You can see this in the following example: 1.- If you are in “Innovacion educativa” option menu it shows fine, but when I move the mouse to the other option, it doesn’t show correctly. (more smaller bounding box).

2.- And in second term, is possible that if I select one suboption menu, the principal menu, appear with a color selected. For example, select “Experiencias” from first menu, and the option principal menu “Innovacion Educativa” appears blue por example.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi, try adding this to the Custom CSS:

section.header_nav nav.main.simple_nav .normal_menu > ul > li.has-sub > a, section.header_nav nav.main.simple_nav .main_menu > ul > li.has-sub > a, section.header_nav nav.main.simple_nav .sticky-menu > ul > li.has-sub > a {
padding: 6px 10px 6px 5px !important;

.current-menu-parent {
background: #02A5B2 !important;

.current-menu-parent a {
color: #FFF !important;

This should fix both of your issues.


Hi, when I scroll one page the menu appears fixed in top, but appears the search icon, that breaks the menu. How can I disable this option? (That not appear the icon search menu)


Hi ericcion, try adding this to the Custom CSS area in Theme Options:

section.header_nav nav.main .sticky_menu > ul > li.search_btn, section.header_nav nav.main .sticky_menu .sticky-menu > ul > li.search_btn {
display: none !important;


Hello, great work, really well done theme, nice design and well coded. I see that the theme got some new updates since I bought it. And I’m new to these options of update so I got a little confused.. what archives are updated? If I update can I lose CSS modifications or HTML/PHP modifications I made to some archives, for example in laborator_functions.php ?

Hi rafaelzrt, Zinc supports multi-lingual form, we have registered these words as strings as someone wants to translate them on their own, the theme must be scanned for translatable words and then you can translate them.


That sounds interesting. I don’t really know if I understand how that works. But how could I do that translation?

Hi rafaelzrt, I found a video tutorial that explains what the Codestyling Localization does, watch it and it will be more clear for you:


Hi, the shipping calculator here has a styled dropdown menu within

<div class="cts_wrapper" />

How do I apply this to my own cart?


Hi Beaker74, I will just quote a previous support ticket with the same issue:
I fixed this and made a copy for you to paste these lines of code in Admin Panel > Laborator > Theme Skins and paste it to Custom CSS area: .single_item .product_head .summary .variations_form .variations .cts_wrapper select {
width: 100% !important;

My apologies. Thank you.

Feel free to ask anytime :)

Hi, I got a message from a client saying they got a message saying my site was insecure? Do you know why this would be?


Hi sreiley,

Its strange to hear this, as Zinc is completely risk-free theme, and for more, the updates we via themeforest guarantee that. One Zinc theme can be insecure if its downloaded from an external pirate site, otherwise I do not believe this.

But to make sure, can you tell me whats the issue they are having with website? Maybe they are using some kind of strict filters. I’ve opened your site in my Mac, and looks perfectly fine.


Yeah I don’t know… it’s odd to me too. I have had no problems with it. They just said in an email that they got a message saying the site was insecure… That’s all I have.

What we recommend you is install less plugins or install them from trusted developers and high ranking plugins. Zinc does not have any security bug that will make your site insecure.


When i activate my zinc theme it loads soooo slowly! 34 seconds!

i have tried disabling plugins one by one which didn’t really help this is my error log from my hosting server (

they also said to refer to theme publisher for this

[30-Mar-2014 22:13:20 UTC] WordPress database error MySQL server has gone away for query SELECT option_value FROM wp_options WHERE option_name = 'wpb_js_content_types' LIMIT 1 made by require('wp-blog-header.php'), require_once('wp-includes/template-loader.php'), include('/themes/zinc/index.php'), get_footer, locate_template, load_template, require_once('/themes/zinc/footer.php'), wp_footer, do_action('wp_footer'), call_user_func_array, wp_admin_bar_render, do_action_ref_array, call_user_func_array, NewVisualComposer->adminBarEditLink, NewVisualComposer->showButton, WPBakeryVisualComposer->getPostTypes, get_option

please can you check your end to see what’s causing these problems.


Its quite strange why the database causes this, because all the SQL is handled by WP written classes to deal with database, so if I have used this command (which based on your log is taking so much time):


Its the native wordpress command, this is what confuses me! Is it possible to log which exact part of the code is consuming so much time?

If you try this theme in other server/web host I am sure it will not have this kind of issue!


OK, i will ask a friend to host it on bluehost and we’ll see what happens there. thanks


I am curious to hear again about the response.

Thanks buddy


I cant seem to get the portfolio page or Visual Composer’s latest portfolio items widgets to work.

Neither one show up after being set up- I’ve followed your instructions in the theme documentation, but it’s still not working. (So, there’s no HTML output..)

Portfolio page

Settings applied:

  • Parent: No parent
  • Template: Portfolio
  • Order: 0
  • VC Custom Teaser: None
  • Sidebars: None
  • Browsing Mode: JS Filtering
  • Filter from Category: All Categories
  • Columns: Use Default* (3)
  • Rows: None specified
  • Pagination type: Normal
  • Pagination position: Left
  • Page background: No settings applied
  • Page layout: Use Default (Fluid)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Hi cits-ltd,

Sorry for the delay of the answer, as we have many support requests.

To create a page with portfolio items like this:

Here are the applied settings:

Please remember that Portfolio page cannot have “portfolio” slug, it may have “portfolio-2”, “portfolios” but not “portfolio” as it conflicts with the post type name.

Hopefully my answer makes sense for you.


Good day! The album gallery pictures have a width 940px, my pictures have 500px width. When I upload my photo, I get the white background around the photos. How can I fix this?

Hi Bonzald, log into the admin panel and go to Laborator, now find the Custom CSS are where you’ll need to paste this code: footer.album_images .showing_image {
background: none !important;

This should fix it.


Hi, recently purchased your nice Theme Zinc.

Is there a deeper documentation on how to use all the nice features in your theme (deeper and broader than the video shunks on your duc web page)?

We have a lot of small questions that normally a docu page use to solve.

For example: 1. When showing “video” as a blog post format and adding a youtube link – the auto launch of vide playing in the lightbox don’t work – how to solve (it works fine with Vimeo…) ? 2. A well described documentation on all the short codes that can be used and what function they trigger (for ex when chosing the Gallery blog post format – how to add pics to show up in the thumb?)

Thanks for a really good theme – a little more specific documentation would help.



Hi Benny,

The only documentation available for Zinc is the written documentation and also the video tutorials playlist. I just tested the video embedding in blog post, it worked fine but maybe you have posted the link right not with extra texts in the links but a normal one, like this

For further information please feel free to ask,


I get an error on the logo that says the following:

Warning: getimagesize(/homepages/7/d215622894/htdocs/files/2014/04/logo-header.png): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/7/d215622894/htdocs/wp-content/themes/zinc/zinc/tpls/header-nav.php on line 170

Please tell me how to fix this. Thank you.

Hi felixeduardo1,

Just re-upload the logo in Appearance > Theme Options and see if that is fixed, then tell me if this worked or not.

Thanks for purchasing Zinc.


That did not work, I had to edit that php line.

So now you have fixed it?

Hi laborator, I want to use the “Last portfolio items”, but with selecting a specific category, and this component just use, author, id, name, etc…, but no filtering by category, how can do this? Use the “style or design” of this component… (when you move on, the animation of the text appear and disappear), but not in the lasts portfolio, else in one category selected.

Thanks in advance, and another time thanks for great support.

Hi ericcion,

I am sorry but we didn’t added the functionality to filter the latest Portfolio items in Visual Composer (you can do this only with Portfolio template).

But if you want to filter portfolio items via visual composer, I should customize the code to work with your request.

Hopefully I understood your question properly.


Hi there,

I just have a couple of quick questions:

1) On the built-in Contact Form it appears that in addition to emailing the address that is listed on the settings for the form, it ALSO CC’s the Admin Email that is set within WordPress. How can I change this as I do NOT want it to add a CC in this case.

2) On the built-in Contact Form how can I change the default subject. Right now it is: [SiteName] New Contact Form Request I wish to change this to something different. In what file can I make this change?

Thanks for your help. Always appreciate it!

Hi askmpa,

Here are my answers:

1. In this case we use default WP mail function ( ) so what the contact form does is just sent an email, but do not adds any CC or anything else. If you want to control this, change wp_mail to mail in this file:

~/wp-content/themes/zinc/inc/laborator_actions.php on line 821 and see if that works for you better.

2. On this line 821 just replace the $subject with “New custom contact form request” and you are done.

Hopefully this will help you.