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Hi, how can I change the behaviour of the “Porfolio Item Metro”, to the inverse.? by default, only the image, when onHover, slide layer with text. As the Portfolio item standard…. Thanks, I tried to search, but I have not found it…

Hi ericcion,

Just add this to Custom CSS and it will switch to reverse effect:

section.wpb_section .lab_me_element .widget_laboratorme_portfolioitems .portfolio_item header {
    top: -180px;

section.wpb_section .lab_me_element .widget_laboratorme_portfolioitems .portfolio_item:hover header {
    top: 0;

thank you, thank you, and thankyou, for the incredible support!! (just for say anything… !important before; force the style and do it to works ;) THANK YOU!!!

Many thanks for such nice words! We are glad to make you satisfied with our product.

Have a great day buddy.


When I try to upload the downloaded .zip, I get an “Are you sure you want to do this?” error message. So I unzipped the main .zip and found “” inside. I tried to upload this but got the same issue.

Any help please?


It seems that the wordpress have issues with the file size of Zinc, so what I recommend you is to extract that and upload to wp-content/themes/ then activate it from Appearance > Themes

This is the alternative way. Hopefully it wouldn’t be a problem for you


I extracted the .zip on my computer and uploaded the folder and its contents to /themes/. This worked. Thanks

You are welcome, thanks for getting this to work :)

I’m having a problem with the tabs and tour features…no matter how many tabs I have, only two are eventually visible. Could this be because Visual Composer is out of date? Please help!


Can you tell me which version of VC you are using?


Is there something wrong with woocomerce compatibility? The product pages look hideous and nothing like the samples

Also, woocommerce is giving me a notification that one of the files from your theme is outdated. “product-attributes.php version 2.0.8 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.3” I dont know if that is related.

Please help.

Thank you,

- Felix

Hi Felix

We are also using the latest WooCommerce in our demo, see example:

I am interested to know your version of Zinc theme? Have you updated it to the latest version available?


I have the most recent versions of Zinc and WooCommerce. I really need help with this bug, none of the product images are showing on the front end, however they are present on the product pages on the back end of WooCommerce as well as in the media library. ITS REALLY URGENT THAT I GET SUPPORT, I CAN”T SELL PRODUCTS! Please help! I’ve spend days trying to debug: I’ve upgraded my server to have more memory, I’ve re-installed WooCommerce and I’ve re-installed Zinc. Please help.

Hi Felix,

Can you email me the login information of your WP so I will set up your shop asap. My email is arlindd at gmail. Sorry for the delay of the reply as I wasn’t feeling good during these days and didn’t worked.


I have a title on the home page that opens a youtube video in a lightbox… But it doesn’t play on mobile or ipad… Any ideas?

Hi lynearson,

Can you give me the link of that page, I should see what’s the issue?

Hi lynearson,

I think I have found the fix, please download this file:

And replace in inc/ folder. It should fix the issue.


Hi, I’m having issues putting in google maps location:


Link given by googlemaps and all I get is a blank grey box for the Google Maps Block.

Can you let me know how to get it working,

Thank you

Got it working – new instructions helped…had to insert whole iframe code from googlemaps

Great to hear that!

HI, I have purchased Zinc and I want to get the demo code for the one page site shown here:

Is there a way I can get this so I can see exactly what shortcodes are being used here? thanks. Anne

Hi Anne, you can use the Import Demo Content to import all the pages and their shortcodes if you want, anyway here is the Visual Composer code used in this theme:

Settings applied to this page:


I’ve installed the theme on my server and it is live at

I was hoping to start by loading the restaurant ‘demo’ but whenever I click the import content button… the frame eventually loads completely blank. There’s nowhere to enter details of how to import the demo sites.

Am I doing something wrong?

Can you please activate WP_DEBUG (set value to true) in wp-config.php then try to import the content again, and the page will show the error instead of just getting the blank screen.


Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage22/oh/so/br/ on line 207

Notice: wp_register_script was called incorrectly. Scripts and styles should not be registered or enqueued until the wp_enqueue_scripts, admin_enqueue_scripts, or login_enqueue_scripts hooks. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 3.3.) in /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage22/oh/so/br/ on line 3049


As you can see in the error, this plugin

plugins/envato-wordpress-toolkit/index.php is preventing the page from loading.

So can you deactivate this plugin for a while and try again to Import the demo data.


Hi, how can I get the themes/layouts like ‘travel,’ ‘restaurant,’ ‘medicine,’ etc?

I have already imported all content

Okay, just saw this video But what if I want some pages to use the Travel theme and I want other pages to use say the Blog theme?

Hi jlwonline,

If you want to learn about all the details, I recommend you to install some copies of WordPress and import the content from the selected site sources. So then when you need something you can achieve it easily by accessing the content page directly.

There are also other videos to explain to you how to create some custom pages such as Blog page.

I’m just wondering how do I slow down the testimonials, as some of them are quite long and need to be on the screen fro longer so people finish reading them before the next one comes on.

Hi sushi_x,

You can adjust the interval of testimonials when editing them in Visual Composer:



my issue is, the sidebars don’t show up in the admin, see the screenshot

WordPress 3.8.2 Zinc 5716515 Plugins activated “custom sidebar”, “layer slider”, “visual composer”. Same with no activated plugins.

The only thing that shows up the sidebar, is to comment out 1. the content of the file zinc/inc/widgets/laborator/metroelements/init.php 2. line 442 zinc/inc/widgets/laborator/laborator_latest_items.php

How can I contact you with the admin access?

Thanks, Richard

Hi Richard,

Sorry for the delay of the answer. I have managed to fix the sidebar issue. It was an error with memory resources so I did quick fix for it. If you encounter in this error again, tell me I will fix it again. This rarely happens.


Hi Arlind, thank you for fixing this! Have a great day, Richard

No problem, feel free to ask any time :).

Hi. Wordpress updated itself? and theme is now broken, again. can you look at this please?

Hi activstudios, we will release all the updates for WordPress 3.9 as soon as possible, I see bugs have occurred in every theme.


Hi laborator, When I use Single image item, with a concrete size, the theme degradate the image because it generate a “cache” file with exact size, and I think that the quality params are poors.
You can view an example in this page:

Viewed image:

Original image:

In the portfolio items, I see that use the zebra library, and I forced that the quality jpg be 100%.

but for the single images, seems that not create with the zebra library, because it generate with degradation and little blur. I tried also with the simpleimage class, but same result. So,.. how you generate the single image cache files? and how can I force the 100% quality?


Hi ericcion,

If you are using Visual Composer to do this, here is what you should do:

Enter ‘full’ value to image size, so it will force to use the original image.

Hopefully this will work for you.


WooCommeric isn’t looking right, did I miss something?

Send the infos in my personal email: arlindd at gmail dot com.


I sent the email… Did you get it?

Hi Lance,

Just replied to your email, I am really sorry for the delay of the answer.


Hi Arlind,

some problems with the appearance.

I have found in the footer section class “categories” that the display is wider than the frame of the blog. If I have more than three categories this happens. There should a line brake after two or three categories. The other way to ommit one category is not a good option. I have looked in the main.css file, but this is a topic beyond my experience. :;))

Look at my site

Another topic is to keep language files when updating. I have always to come back to copy them after upte the theme. And in the blog-post.php the line … sprintf(_n(‘%d comment … is not tranlatable, only by hands.

The last problem is about the navigation bar in the top, wich displays well in all formats beside iPad landscape where the arrow of the pull down menu changes to an awful cross!

Any help?

Best regards and happy Easter! Martin

Hi Martin, follow my instructions to fix the first issue, log into the Admin Panel > Laborator > Theme Skins and scroll down to the Custom CSS where you’ll have to paste this code: .blog_post footer.loop > div.categories {
white-space: normal !important;

2. This is already translatable, you will only need to translate it manually through the string translations.

3. I don’t have an iPad i just tested it on my Laptop where it seems okay, could you send an image of the result on your iPad.

We also wish you a happy Easter, and feel free to ask any time.


Thanks for the reply! 1 is working 2 is ok with translating 3 i will sent pic to an email, if you support me with one to sent!

Best regards Martin

Hi Martin, send us the e-mail at info at laborator dot co


Hi I have following problem:

reproduced on Wordpress 3.7, Wordpress 3.7.3, Wordpress 3.8.3

1. Installed wordpress 2. Installed theme 3. Started downloading demo content from Labrator plugin

Result when opening the pgae:

Warning: strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in [..]/wp-content/themes/zinc/inc/lib/laborator/laborator_image_resizer.php on line 54

Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in [..]/wp-content/themes/zinc/inc/lib/laborator/laborator_image_resizer.php on line 56

I have no idea how to solve, the theme is broken for me.

Kind Regards

Data option default_og_image doesn’t exists

this is the printed WP_Error Object

Hi iconiqgmbh,

Hmm, it seems strange issue! I have repeated the same exact steps to produce the error but everything worked fine during the importing of demo content.

I have imported from this source: and all phases passed easily without issues.

At which data type you encounter this error?

P.S. Also do not forget to download media files (second entry in the import list).



With the most recent version of the theme and wordpress now when i go to edit something i get a blank box.

Text is there though:

Hi thedropman,

Have you updated visual composer to version ?

I have never been able to update visual composer as a plugin. What do i need to do to update the plugin??

Hi thedropman, here is the link to our support section for this issue, this will help you:


Hi The contact page doesn’t work any more. Is it something related to the wordpress update??

Hi thr33,

I have tried it and worked fine. Please update the theme to the latest version to make sure everything is working properly.


Thanks. is it possible to manually update the theme? Can I for instance just Replace the files of the old theme with the new one?

Hi thr33, sure you can but first make sure you haven’t change anything in the code because all the changes will be lost.


Hi there,

After WordPress 3,9 Update visual composer do not work, tried to update as it’s mentioned in your FAQs, but apparently its still the old version.. Need to change some layout and its impossible…

well the problem still persists when iam adding text block there is white sample text and if i type something and try to save nothing happens as well all the typography functions dissapeard.. only one button left add media

ok :) solved it

Can you please update Visual Composer in the theme?

Hi karmabrands,

The visual composer has been already updated in v2.2.8, have you downloaded it yet?

How do I properly update the theme without losing any custom css? I have altered the main-responsive.css file

Hi karmabrands,

The best way to prevent any CSS change loss would be if you save the css to zinc/style.css (via Appearance > Editor). This way before you update the theme you save its contents then paste it again to the newest version. Changing the files inside css/ directory is not a good way because we update these files for each release and fix bugs.

Hopefully I was clear on my explanation.