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Nice and Clean! :)

Very nice. Are you planning a WordPress ver?

Yes we are planning to do in upcoming month. :)

Hi, If I buy Regular License can I put it into my MODX CMS for managing theme ?is it legal ?

definitely for one time! and also is it legal to remove creator theme promotions link from website? means remove from front side(appear for everybody) and back side (CSS or any other source fine)?

Yes, offcours there is no need to put my information. You can add yours there. :)

Yes, offcours there is no need to put my information. You can add yours there. :)

Good job on this, good luck with sales :)

Thanks bro :)

DON’T BUY THIS THEME! It’s absolutely horrendous. Documentation is virtually non-existent – mostly refers to a different template. The moment you try to pull something out and put it in a different page, the whole things breaks. Save yourself the grief.

The documentation is real, only some folders name are different. And i think you don’t know how to work with html templates that’s why you broke whole page. I suggest you to learn some basic before editing any template.

Clean comment code and very well structured PSD gives more comfort while establishing your own pages.

Where is the PSD? I’m deeply disappointed because there is no PSD included :(

Email me from my profile page. :)

I can not see Dropdown control in theme, am i missing something?

Please reload the page again to see the drop down. :)

Dear i can see textbox and multiline textbox on contact page.

But i am unable to see Dropdown (Drop Down list) control. Can you please tell me on which it is?

Its like normal list, right now I don’t include it on contact page but you can add it on your page. :)

I like this one but I missing cart and checkout items. Will you add this?

One more question – will you add it to Coyote too at the same time?

Yes, will update all our template first than start new design. :)

Where is the PSD that is mentioned in the description?:

”...very well structured PSD gives more comfort while establishing your own pages”

And in the documentation:

“PSD Folder – This folder contain the layered psd sourcs file.”

I’d like a refund if you’re not going to provide the PSD that you advertise as being included in the download.

Send you over mail. :)

Thanks for your suggestion. :)

Clean and staff are very helpful!

Thanks, please rate our template if you like :)

Hello, i liked to buy this theme, but first i want to ask if i put the width of the box view layout to smaller will this broke the other elements?

And can i put the heade height smaller?

Thanks for showing interest, yes you can adjust the width of box layout. Right now it is set for the laptop resolution. But you can adjust it according to your need.

For header, yes the height can also be adjust with little CSS customization.

And we are always there to help you. :)

Hello, why are these files php files??? they are supposed to be html files…. Where are the html files?

All the files are in HTML format. Only the contact page is in php format. :)