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Thank’s for your fine work , I was wondering if you can customize the interface of theme to be like ( ?

have quickstart for install?

Offers you the Quickstart Package for installation of this theme. I want to buy. If you disponbilizar the Quickstart package

Hi, amaralwebdesigner

Thanks for the interest but unfortunately not.


Producers should you worry about having the Quickstart in their packages. It greatly helps the users. Besides giving the assurance that the store will do will be equal to your demo. Few clubs OpenCart provide the quickstart. I prefer to buy from those who have the Quickstart.

bad support, I have already sent 2 tickets and got no answer

Hi, SiriQueiju

I’ve sent you two replies. Please check your email. It is also recommended to check your spam folder.



Have installed the theme on : too many errors. Cant see the slider. What to do ?

Hi, chiragthakwani

When I look at your site then I do not see any errors. Please contact me via my profile page. I’ll try to help you.


Hi, I would like to purchase this theme, would first like to know if your Newsletter sign up feature on the home page is integrated with any third party Newsletter tool like MailChimp? Otherwise, where can I see who has signed up for Newsletter in the admin panel? I tried with your demo site but couldn’t find where is the subscribers information in the admin panel.

If I already have an existing store, can you help me to install this theme on top of it?

Hi, aryne1437

Thank you for your interest. You must have a MailChimp account to use it. Everything is explained in the installation instructions (included in the theme package).

If I already have an existing store, can you help me to install this theme on top of it?

Ok. I can install the theme for you, but you have to configure it yourself (you have to know how to use OpenCart).



I have purchased the theme now, request you to advise me on the necessary changes to be made on header.tpl

Regards, Ridhi Sahani

Hi, Ridhisahani

Thank you for purchasing my theme. I replied to your email.


Interested in purchasing – do you have a link to the admin side of the demo? Are you able to change the green “login”, “create account”, and “shopping cart” button to another color?

Hi, dtblingerie

Thank you for your interest. Yes. All colors can be changed through the admin panel.

Admin demo: Username: demo Password: demo

More information is available on the product page:

Theme FAQ section:


Hello! Your theme looks nice, is the theme compatible, or do you plan to make ti compatible with opencart 2 (and when…)

sorry… delete this

Hello! Your theme looks nice, is the theme compatible, or do you plan to make ti compatible with opencart 2 (and when…)

Is it necessary to install Vqmod?

Hi, mazlie

Thank you for asking. There is no need to install vqmod.


Do you plan on making an OpenCart 2.0 version?

Hi, eminos

I hope so, but I can not tell you the exact date at the moment.


Hi, Thanks for great template. Can you do little custom at checkout process page? 2 column form have too short text inputs and in mobile version are there fields too close. Can you give tham more width and in mobile view can be only one field at own one line – not two columns? Thanks for considering this modification.

Hey there, is OpenCart 2 available ?

Great Theme, waiting for upate for OC 2.x

Are there any dependencies on the version of PHP or MySQL?

Will the theme have issues if the hosting platform is Windows?

Hi, taskrunner

Thank you for asking. This theme is just a skin for OpenCart platform. All the necessary information about OpenCart you’ll find here:


Hello Themetorium

upate for OC 2.x?


Loved the theme so purchased it but I am having major problems with the extensions I have used on my previous themes. Normally it’s just a case of some styling and maybe changing the theme link in the XML file from default to the new theme name.

It seems that some of the original opencart files have been moved, deleted or incorporated into your theme – is this the case?



Hi, Mike

Thank you for purchasing my theme.

In the Zipp directory is only those files that are used for the design of Zipp. All other files are untouched and located in the default theme directory. OpenCart detects them automatically. If you want to modify these files then you need to copy them to the zipp directory. In short, if OpenCart can not find the file in your theme folder then it uses the default theme files. It is also mentioned in the installation instructions.

About third-party modules:

Please contact me via my profile page: and give me your website address. Do not forget to describe your problems as precisely as possible.



Thanks for the quick reply.

I will take one last look through to see if I have missed anything and if I still have problems will drop you a support email.

Thanks again


Hi, i need your support!

how to get rid of “theme_close” button in cart drop-down box?

(or change the text inside the button)

please please please!



Hi, ninoserafino

Sorry, but support is offered to verified customers only. Please contact me via my themeforest profile page and use the same account with which you purchased this theme: