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It seems the slider for the homepage doesn’t include the alt tags. How can I add the alt tags in, as it’s important for my SEO?


Please send me an email at spabrice[at]gmail.com

Hello! I’m having a couple issues with my blog and site using the Zito theme.

1. When you go to the blog page of my site I have the setting to show the latest 5 posts, but only three are displayed. http://www.padronsocialmarketing.com/social-marketing/ 2. On that same blog page when you scroll to the bottom, I used that have buttons that said “previous” and “next” to help the reader navigate. Those have disappeared but I would like to have them. 3. The fonts are not appearing as I have them selected. I’d like to set font as Times for the entire site, the color to be #6f6669 and the default size to be 14.

Could you please help me with each of these issues?

Thank you so much! Katrina


I answered your email

Hi, SpabRice.

Nice work. I’ve bought your theme and I’m now customizing it.

My question is: can I manage the changing speed of home page slider?

I need it faster than default.



Hi SpabRice,

Nice theme, we are very happy with it. One question. The vimeo video’s within our portfolio projects load very slow. We have to wait a couple of seconds before the video shows up. Is there a way to fasten it up, or a reason for this?



Hi there! Is there any way to add a video slider to the homepage or a plugin that works with the theme who can make it?

Thanks a mill Kimono


it’s not possible by option but there are many slider plugins out there which can do what you’re looking for. Nte that this might need some file customizations by your part.

hello, I’m having some issues with the gallery. I can’t insert images into the gallery. Not sure what’s going on, it just doesn’t load the image. It starts the process, but when I press insert into post the pop up keeps white and it does not insert the image.


I answered your email.

Hello, I have two questions regarding the Zito Theme.

One: I need that the portfolio section in the home page, displays more than four categorys. Actually it displays 3 and the “All”.

Two: I need to display another section of portfolio right beneath the first portfolio section.

How can i do this?


Hello, I have a question. I cannot see where I can remove the title Work as seen via this link http://www.suitupstudio.nl/index.php/portfolio/our-daily-struggle/ from the page. Do you guys know where I can remove it?



I did some customizations, but the Work title was in the original theme. It can not be different than the original theme code. Can you tell me where I can find the code for the Work title on the certain portfolio page in the original theme? Then I will find my way. Thanks

It’s in the header.php (#pagetitle)

thank you


How can I activate the contact form?

Since the latest Wordpress update, the google maps iframe doesn’t work well anymore. It’s completely zoomed out instead of a nice closeup map from the location of our business. Is there a solution for this problem?

Thank you.


please send me a message via the support tab for better support.

Hello Sir

Just now i purchase a theme an make it live on my locla post evertything seems to be ok but dummy content is not shown pls do the same

thanks bhuvan arora


unfortuantely I don’t get your issue very well. Please use the support page of this item to contact me and get faster/better support. Please add some more details of your issues.