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I have three questions:

- Wich Auto Thickbox-Plugin is working together with Zoho? - How can we delete the “Comments are off for this post” phrase? - There are only 10 Postings shown in a category, how can we change to for example 20 oder 50.

Thanks a lot for your support! :-) Andreas

I can’t send you the eMail again. There’s a responder, I should use the Forum. ???

You can send the email again. Thanks! Justin

Great support! First class! Thanks a lot!

Hi! I just installed the theme but I’m with the slider. In my Zoho Option panel I do not have the “Slider Stuff” option, there is just and option called “Choose Slider” but, in fact, I can not choose it. I click on “Traditional Slider” and “Boris Slider” but nothing happen. Is that normal or I’m doing something wrong? Could you see it for me please? Thanx

Not that I’m aware of. Send me an email and I will be happy to take a look.

Thanks Justin

Hi, I want to use this theme to make in a news aggregator blog. its possible?

I’m sure it’s possible, but it’s not something I’ve done in the past. Thanks for your interest.


I have an issue on internet explorer.

Please see this page :

As you can see, I put a youtube video in the slider. And just above there is the main menu. The matter is that for “actualites” and “fiches pratiques”, the dropdown menu is hidden by the youtube video.

I tried to use z-index css properties, but it doesn’t work.

Any solution for this problem ?


I will check it out.

Is this theme responsive?

Thanks :)


It’s not, sorry!


Hi Justin, Can I set up two separate blogs in different templates on a website?

One is categorized as blog, so I can set it up just as you documented. The other is categorized as blog-ja, which is all my blog posts in Japanese. Because of the language, I want to create a separate “Japanese blog” page with a different template.

Under Zoho Options, there’s only one option to select for Blog Category. I need a secondary Blog Category; is that possible? Is there a work around (hopefully simple)?

Many thanks!

Thank you, but my email I sent to just got bounced back. What should I do?


The contact form at the bottom right of my profile page will be best to contact me :)

Thanks Justin

Just sent you a message from there. Thanks!

Is there a way to use Flickr URL for Featured image (+ 2nd, 3rd images at the top) for my blog post? It’d be great if I don’t need to upload all my pics to the media library.

I believe that is possible by altering the timthumb script to allow for Flickr urls. Shoot me an email and I can send you a file that may work.

Thanks Justin


I just purchased the Zoho theme

Then, I followed the instructions on how to install the theme in wordpress.

The theme installed successfully. However, there are lots of missing files in the preview page (missing ribbons, missing links, etc) and the homepage doesn’t appear the same as the live preview of Zoho in themeforest-especially the slider.. sample photos and text are all over the page-the same with the search field, it’s on top of the “recent comments” text. Also, in Zoho option>choose slider, nothing happens when I choose any of the 2 sliders (although the text says there are 3 sliders)..

I’ve tried to delete, download the theme again, then re-install, reset options, etc.—still the same problem.

Please help.



Did you just install the theme itself, not the general folder with the documentation, licenses, etc.?

Feel free to send me an email with wp-admin details and I can make sure it’s all working as intended.

Thanks Justin

please please go responsive then this is best theme ever!

Ha, ha! Thanks! I’ll look into it :)

Hi there,

I’m not a programming whiz at all, and I just want to set my website’s logo to be in the centre of the page instead of on the left. How and where can I do this?

More importantly, I just installed the theme and when I preview it, it’s all a mess. The slider doesn’t work, so the three sample images appear below each other, and the menu items I created are not being displayed. Is this normal? I currently have the Coming Soon mode active, but I think I should still be able to see the actual website while I’m building it.

Appreciate all the help you can give! Thanks!


Be sure to install the latest version of Zoho. It’s available at ThemeForest in the downloads tab. Also, for the logo, just send me a url and I can show you to do this.

Thanks Justin

Hi Justin, I just downloaded the theme half an hour ago so it should be the latest version. The website I’m working on is, but since my Coming Soon mode is active, I think I’ll have to send you straight to the admin page. Unless you mean something else?

Wow, that’s really strange, then. Can you send me an email with wp-admin details?

Thanks Justin

Hi Justin,

Thanks again for the great and quick help you’ve provided. So far, everything is working really well. Just two small things that I can’t figure out or find in the documentation: on the main home page, there is a bar which says FILTER | All , followed by the categories. Right now, although I have categories already active, none of them are listed after FILTER | All. Can you help me out with this?

And secondly, where do I go to get my sidebar grey like in your sample preview? My sidebar is still white and I can’t find the place to change it in the Options.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve already rated it :) Two days ago, I think. 5 stars! The website is Give me a minute and I’ll deactivate the Coming Soon mode.

I’ve got a replacement style.css for you to try out, if you would like to shoot me an email via my profile page, and I will send it your way.

Thanks justin

Got it and it works. Thanks again for the great service!


With the filtering on the homepage I cannot seem to select two post sorting options.. If I select 2 it will only show in one..??

Can you help?

Feel free to send me an email with wp-admin details and I can take a look.

Thanks Justin

Hi there ~ I’m interested in your theme. Looks great. Can you confirm with me that this theme has the ability to show full blog posts (multiple posts, in their entirety) on the home page?


Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your help!

One more thing, the really cool interactive slider feature you have in the header area of your demo, I assume that functionality is included w/ your theme? The ability to include 4 boxes that are clickable/expandable (to show more details) was one of the main attractions for me. These would be used to promote 4 different products/promos, which I assume is possible by uploading your own art? Thanks again Justin!

Yes, it is :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



Hi, I have an issue with the slider in the home page. When I want to implement Jquery code or a Jquery plugin, then the slider doesn’t work. For example, I’m trying to implement a scroll up button with smooth and fading effect. I tried to write a simple code, like I tried for example jQuery Smooth Scroll plugin, but in consequence as I said I get a black screen in my featured posts slider.

Is there any way to fix it ?

This one precisely (a back to top button). I tried also jQuery Smooth Scroll plugin. If you try it on thew basic theme version, you will see that the button works but not the slider anymore.

You can see the demo at :

Try this:

<script type="text/javascript"> // Assuming jQuery.noConflict(); has been called var j = jQuery.noConflict(); j(function () { j(document).ready(function () { j("#back-top").hide(); j(function () { j(window).scroll(function () { if (j(this).scrollTop() > 200) { j('#back-top').fadeIn('slow'); } else { j('#back-top').fadeOut('slow'); } }); j('#back-top a').click(function () { j('body,html').animate({ scrollTop : 0 }, 1300); return false; }); }); }); }); </script>

Where do I have to implement this function ? In the header ?

Can we use WooCommerce with Zoho?

Thanks for your answer, Andreas


It’s not setup for WooCommerce, but it could be used, I believe, as a plugin.

Thanks Justin

Thanks. I will try it. ;-)

Suddenly, the Slider is not working anymore.

There’s a message “waiting for”???

What’s wrong?

I’m afraid I don’t know. I’ve never heard of before. Did you add any plugins?

Nothing changed. The Theme was running without problems. And suddenly the Slider is broken.

It’s difficult to say why that would occur. Without any changes being made, I have no idea why the slider who simply stop working. Could it be a hosting issue? Perhaps contacting your host server to determine if they know a reason. Probably has something to do with the message you’re receiving.


does this theme works with latest Wordpress Version 3.6 ?



Yes, it does :)

Thanks Justin


How can I display all the post of Directors in one page. I want to remove the pagination for it.


All I can say is thanks to you Siiimple Author, you have been wonderful from the 1 minute of purchase. Looks wonderful on my website What more can one ask for?


Pictures appearing on layout II (image 1, 2 and 3) turn when I upload them directly in the post and appear lying down on my website. I have tried to correct / turn the pictures in the media library but it doesn’t show in the post. How do I correct?

Do I find any video tutorials about this theme?

Thanks a lot!


Feel free to send me a link to your site via my profile page so I can get a better idea what you’re describing.

Thanks! Justin