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?In my portfolio, when you hover over a box, it splits in two and half raises up and half sinks down. That is good. But behind it is just a black box with words. Is there any way to make it so that there’s another picture behind it? And not just the black box and text? Thanks! My site: http://www.thewilderway.com/

Hi MCubb, we have replied to your ticket on the support forum now. Thanks!

Where is the support forum? Or can you link me to the answer to my question? Thanks!

Hi, your ticket was private at – https://webdingo.ticksy.com/ticket/710390 In case you have forgotten that account the answer was -

You would need to use some custom CSS for this, you can add CSS like below into your custom CSS field in Theme Options > Styling Options and then modify it to suit.

/*makes all portfolio items have the same background image*/
.rift .caption a{
/* OR make only one/individual portfolio items have a select image based on their position number */
#portfolioinner li:nth-child(1) .rift .caption a{
#portfolioinner li:nth-child(3) .rift .caption a{
background:url(image3_link.jpg)!important<span class="redactor-selection-marker" id="selection-marker-1" />;



I am interested in buying this theme. but for my website I will need to have the latest posts without the featured images (only the titles).

Is this possible with Zoo? How does it works? is there a place where I can check how it looks?

thanks for your help.

Hi Mkainsworthm, Yes that wont be a problem if no feature image is set. Unfortunately I dont have a demo of this, it will basically look the same just with no images. Thanks!

My client is a church and they need the ability to have sub pages. Does this theme support sub pages??

Hi Bryanowens, yes it will support sub pages.

Is there a way to make the blog section more like the Eight Degree Preview 1?

Hi! Unfortunately Zoo doesn’t include options for this sorry.

I am planning to purchase your “Live Preview two” theme. However, I would like to ask the following questions;

1. When I purchase your theme, is there any annual fees, membership fees that I need to consider? Or is just one time payment? 2. Are they any additional payments for slide shows, addons, etc? Or everything are available and ready to use? 3. Is the theme updates need additional payment? 4. Are they any additional payments if I change the Log, Background, Videos and etc?

Hi Dinobrinas, thanks for your interest in the theme.

1. Its a one time payment.

2. There are no additional payments, everything is included like the demo site apart from images and videos (placeholders are included).

3. Theme updates are free.

4. No additional payments, you may customize the theme however you like.

Thanks author for your reply.

I have also questions of the following: 1. Can I change the “ZOO” logo on the upper left side of menu options? 2. Can I also change or update the animated ZOO logo on the footer? This is the logo that is zooming in/out. 3. How many months you guys will be provided to us for the support? 4. Are two layout (full_screen_preview themes) available on $44?

Glad to help Dinobrinas. Yes, both the logos can be changed in the theme options. The Regular license includes 6 months of support and both of the layouts are included. Thanks!

Why does the Google Maps shortcode no longer work, even though I’ve put my API key into the theme options? Seems like the theme update didn’t address this really.

Hi Innovabiz, please be sure you have updated your zoo shortcodes plugin to v 1.1.7 as well.

To update the plugin you can deactivate the theme and then delete the shortcodes plugin. Then once you activate the theme again you will be prompted to install the shortcodes plugin, click install and this will install the latest version of the shortcodes plugin.

Otherwise if your still having problems with it, could you please head over to the support forum and open a ticket with a link to your site.


Thank you – that sorted the problem. I would strongly request that the update process for the theme and plugins be streamlined to follow the standard processes for other themes and plugins.

Glad it worked out innovabiz! and thank you for the recommendation.

hello my google map does not work, and zoo shorcode update my plugin , the plugin version I have is the 1.1.5

Hello. You will need to update your theme and shortcodes plugin to version 1.1.7, you can download the latest versions of the theme and shortcodes plugin from your downloads section in themeforest.

To install it you will need to delete the older theme first, then delete the zoo shortcodes plugin and install the new ones. None of your theme options or data will be lost while you update.

Please head over to the support forum if your having any issues with it. Thanks!


gomsmo Purchased

How do I know what the version number is of the latest theme download? I can’t tell if I have the latest version installed.

Hi Gomsmo, you can view the latest version number and changes in the ‘Update History’ section at the bottom of the theme details page at the moment the latest version is 1.1.7 Thanks!

Is there a simple way to edit the preview one page of Zoo to support a modal login for registered members that’s visible in the Menu?

Hi Mrightstuff. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with any good plugins for this and the theme does not include this kind of functionality, it would require a custom solution.

for the home page super slider – the demo Zoo video resizes when you resize the screen. but when i put in my vimeo link it creates a black world around the video and makes the video smaller but in the same dimensions. how do i get it to work like the zoo demo?


also how do you loop vimeo?

Thank you!

Hi Metology, could you please head over to the support forum and open a ticket with some login details? so we’re able to take a look at whats causing the issue. Thanks!

Wondering if you can list the portfolio items without being in alphabetical order? If so, how??

Hi Pixeldustllc, you can use the Intuitive Custom Post Order plugin for this. Once you install the plugin you will need to set the portfolio categories and posts as sort-able items. Then you will be able to arrange to order using drag and drop from the portfolio posts and categories screens. Thanks!

Sweet! Thank you for responding!!

Hey, I am working on a project i need to turn around this weekend, but it appears the scroll on the main menu down the page isn;t working. Is there a shortcode for that? and where would i put it? Please let me know…otherwise the template is really nice.

Hi Gisellawalter. The scroll should be working automatically, could you please head over to the support form and open a ticket with some login details? So we can take a look at what might be causing the issue. Thanks!

Sorry, is hopefully only a small error of my attitude of Wp. Since the update to Wp 4.7.2 the news no longer work. (Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /homepages/3/d405758147/htdocs/mt.eu/wp-content/themes/Zoo/inc/dimox-breadcrumbs.php on line 87) (http://www.modelltechnik.com/) News Can you give me a solution? best John

Hi John, the theme should be working well with WP 4.7.2. Could you please head over to the support forum and open a ticket with some login details, so we can take a look at whats causing the issue. Thanks!

Hi. I’ve purchased the theme and just wanted to upload the demo content. However it filed to import pretty much all the content. WP tells me the max file size to import is 64KB and both of the demo files are 278 or 320 KB. Could you please help. Thanks.

Hi Asgdesignsuk, we have replied to your ticket on the support forum now. Thanks!


sunlime Purchased

I would like to create a Child theme. Is this supported? Thanks!

Hi Sunlime, yes its supported. Thanks!