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My ipad crashes every time i try to view your demo :(

There’s an issue with the themforest bar at the moment.. If you click remove frame its working great on my iPad

Good Job, GLWS ;)

Thanks ThemeCafe!

Good work :) All the best

Thankyou designova

Simple and very nice theme. Good luck :):):)


Hi. Have I read it right that I can use this theme as a multi-page site?

Also can I change the colours easily in the backend?

One more thing, can I use larger standard size photos in the blog or are they always cut down?

Regards. MJ

Hi. Thank you so much for the quick reply. Can you tell me if the opening page with the lion is included in your demo xml file. If not is it easy to set up the title as you have them?

Regards. MJ

Almost forgot. What is the max size of logo I can use?

Thanks. MJ

Hi. The lion is included with the xml, for other images placeholders are included. The maximum height for the logo would be 55 pixels

Fullscreeen homepage doesn’t work in IE10, stops midscreen and image does not appear. Works fine in other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc).

Thanks again! Is there a simple fix or CSS edit I can do in the interim? OR is it more complex than that?

Yes, can you send me your email address via my contact form on my profile page? Ill email you the updated files

Just sent…

Where can I find help to use this theme to it’s potential. So far I am pretty confused as to how to use the features.

Hello, thanks for purchasing! You can find instructions for using the theme in the documentation folder of the download package. Thanks!


Really great theme. Is it easy to use a child-theme with your theme?

Thanks. Yes it would be, but you would have to create one. It’s not included in the package at the moment

Good job!Good luck :)


Hello. I like this theme! How much work can I add to a portfolio? Only twelve or more? If possible they will be displayed on the main page?

Hello, thank you for your interest. There is no limit to items, you can display the portfolio on any page or page section using a shortcode.

Is it possible to remove the section titles displayed on each page? For example in the ‘about section’ I do not want to display the word “about”. I see the option for dropcap or standard, but what if i don’t want the section title displayed at all?

Thanks for purchasing! There is no option for this at the moment, Ill add it in the next update..should be out tomorrow

Version 1.0.2 is now available that includes the no title option

Great, thanks!

Hi, best theme i ever see, a have one question, is this theme Translation Ready (.po .mo included)?

Hi vilgerfortz, its not sorry


Do you have a link to a working example of the multi-page version I can see?

Regards. MJ.

Hi, no I don’t sorry.

If I was to add a horizontal page element, would it be full width and could I make it any colour background?

Hi M_J, Im not sure what you mean by a horizontal page element. Could you be more specific, what kind of element?

How do I remove the word “Zoo” off of the menu bar, I can’t seem to find this info anywhere. I know it should be simple, but I am having no luck. Thanks in advance.

Hello, you need to go to Theme Options > General and click “remove upload” next to “logo”. There you can upload your own logo as well. Thanks!


Is it possible to have a menu in the top of website?


Hi Sammerson. There is no option for this at the moment, I’ll let you know if I add it. Thanks!

The more I work with the theme the more problems I encounter. I think you need to go back a do more UA testing in Internet Explore (versions 7-10). Specifically the Portfolio sections do not function in IE. For example, when you select a Parallax portfolio sample, it displays portions of the homepage parallax sections instead of portfolio sections. Additionally, iPad versions of the site are useless do to the way the menu displays and covers content. Author provides great support though, we’ll see how these issues are resolved.

Installed the new version, unfortunately the parallax portfolio problem persists.

Sorry cleared cache and it worked! Great support, thanx!

Great :)

How do you install updates?

Hello, you can download the newest version from the downloads section in themeforest. To install it you need to delete the older theme first, then delete the shortcodes plugin and install the new ones. None of the theme or options data will be lost while you update.

Hey great work—super excited to be using this gorgeous theme! Im following the directions in the documentation index but Im seriously a dummy when it comes to code. I wanted to add the short code for the super slides but last time i tried to add/edit code I really fucked up my site and had to start over. In attempts to avoid doing that again I was wondering whats the best place to add that short code for the super slider images?

“[super_slides] shortcode into any single page template.”—?

I appreciate the help! :) merry holidays!

How to I remove the orange background from the flex sliders? i tried in theme options but I can’t seem to get rid of it.

JK figured that out too :D


can video be inserted n the home landing slider? gorgeous theme :)

Thanks, the slider wont support video now. I will be adding support sometime in the future

thanks for the reply! as soon as video support is added, i am a new buyer! love this theme, just need video at opening….