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Question about flexslider. I would like to have the navigation visible all the time. Right now it defaults to only visible when the cursor is over the slider. How do I change this to be visible all the time?

Thank you!

Hi Bgoldsmi, you can add the following css to the custom css box in theme options > styling options .flex-direction-nav a{width:30px;}



I’ve been having an issue with the home screen. It comes on for a second and then goes to a blank screen. I’ve re-installed WordPress and also installed the latest version of the theme but still it happens. Please advice.

Hi Shawnlewis, are you sure your using the latest version of the zoo shortcodes plugin (v 1.1.2)? If you could head over to the support forum and open a ticket with some login details we would be happy to take a look at it for you. Thanks!

Can’t seem to create one. It says The Envato Purchase Code you’ve entered is not valid.

The envato API has been having some problems recently and it might be down at the moment. Could you please try again? otherwise you can send me some login details via my contact form on my profile page. Thanks!

Hello, how can I rename the portfolio slug? I am Googl now about 3 Hours but i cant find how to fix it in this theme.

Please Help me ;)

Sorry i mean /portfolios …

Hi Xxopenedxx, to do that you will have to open up the zoo-custom-posts.php file located in the zoo custom posts plugin and on line 106 add the following 'rewrite' => array('slug'=>'your-new-slug'),

Then replace ‘your-new-slug’ with the slug you want. Please head over to the support forum if you need some further assistance with it. Thanks!

Hello, your template is great! We are going to buy it very soon. Can you tell us if you have in mind to add a MASONRY blog style? Thank you.

Lorenzo Gambino AtelierMEM

Thanks Ateliermem, but I haven’t been planing to add it in the near future sorry.

I am trying to open a ticket and when I paste in my Item Purchase Code, it says it is not a valid code. I purchased this theme just a few weeks ago.

Hi Therese, could you please try it again? there have been some problems with the themeforest API recently. Otherwise you can contact me via my contact form on my profile page. Thanks!

I am developing a website using ZOO theme (purchased by the client) for my client. Everything works fine, but since I upgraded WP to 3.9.1 the SuperSlide started to dis-function. It loads up the slides then disappear, but if you click on the Navigation the slides will show again. How could I fix it? http://www.jarvisaccountants.co.nz/

Hi Clearskynz, you will just need to update your theme and zoo-shortcodes plugin. You can download the latest version from the downloads section in themeforest (1.1.2) This will be compatible with WP 3.9.1.Thanks!

I really like the second Zoo Wordpress theme, but I don’t like the scrolling feature (accelerated scrolling). Is it possible to disable this so I get “normal” scrolling?

Oh, the accelerated scrolling only happens in Chrome. Just tried the demo in Safari, and it works fine. Is it possible for me to fix the issue if I buy this theme?

Hi Systembryter. There are no options in the admin to disable it, but you could open the plugins.js file located in the js folder of the theme and delete line 263 to remove it. Thanks!

I updated the theme and installed the new the short code and my first image-superslides is still cutting to white after a couple os seconds. I thought the new version was suppose to fix this bug

Hi Digdog, you might have to clear you browsers cache. Otherwise could you please head over to the support forum and open a ticket with some login details so we can take a look at it for you. Thanks!

it’s possible install a multilanguage plugin? What do you recommend? Thanks


Hi Joanredolad. Yes, its compatible with multi language plugins I would recommend using WPML but free plugins would also work fine. Thanks!

Hi! I can not turn the scroll between the pages … if I click on a single page does not effect the up and down..why?

Hi Leonroma, could you please head over to the support forum and open a ticket with some login details so we can take a look at it for you. Thanks!

hi, looks great! seriously considering buying :) i s it possible to skip the huge fullscreen width slider and just start with the site with a menu at the top? kind regards, karmafritz

Thanks Karmafritz! yes, you can just delete the slider shortcode from the home page.

Hi, I miss pinterest icon on social networks options…

Hi Sergiobru, there is no option for the pinterest icon at the moment sorry. I will be adding it in the next update. Thanks!


Great work! It looks really nice I have a few questions about the theme : Is there a newsletter subscribtion? Is there a search option?

Kind Regards

Hi Maxounette, there is the standard WordPress search widget that can be added to the sidebar on blog pages. There’s no newsletter subscription at the moment sorry, but there are loads of plugins available that you could use for that. Thanks!

How do I shut off the responsive settings for everything but phones, I would rather not use the responsive settings for anyone viewing on an ipad type or size device (mini or normal)? I would rather they just saw the full, normal functioning, site.

Hi CopperFishStudios, there’s no options for this at the moment it would require some modification of the theme files. If you could head over to the support forum we would be happy to help you with this. Thanks!

Have you guys fixed the ipad layout? I see a others asking the same question about how to fix the layout on an ipad. It crashes the browser on an ipad almost every time it is opened. The phone version works buggy as well.

Hi, I’m not exactly sure I understand what you mean about fixing the layout and we haven’t experienced any crashes. Could you please head over to the support forum and open a ticket with a link to your site? So we can take a look at it, and show you what code you would need remove to keep the desktop layout on the iPad. If that’s what you mean about fixing the layout. Thanks!

I just installed the theme and would like to know how to make it look exactly like preview 2 with the background animation vid?

Hi Nono_alra, you can import the demo content for live preview 2 by going to Tools > Import > WordPress Import. And Selecting the ‘DemoTwoContent.xml’ file located in the download package.

There are also more detailed instructions for this in the ‘Importing the Demo Content’ section of the documentation located in documentation folder of the download package.

Please head over to the support forum If you need any assistance with it. Thanks!

I want to add a flex slider in a portfolio item but it didn’t work in Firefox 30.0 (mac version). It work with keyboard arrow but not with mouse clic. It work on Chrome (35.0.1916.153). I have the Version: 1.0.9 of the zoo theme. Can i have to use an other extension ? Update the theme (there the same trouble in the demo of the theme http://www.webdingo.net/zoo/

Hi Figlider. Could you please head over to the support forum and open a ticket with some login details so we can take a look? Im not sure I understand about the trouble in the demo version, there are no flex sliders in the portfolio. But v1.0.9 of the theme and shortcodes plugin should be okay. Thanks!


Like brosps wanted 4 months ago, I would like to remove the category ’All’ from the portfolio. Did you developed an option for that?? Also with the portfolio tag, you could put a category filter, example:

[portfolio all:no category:my-parent-category-slug]

This is just an advice, at the moment I would like to remove the category ’All’ from the portfolio and hopefully within theme or tag options.


Hi Sebastiangarciat, we haven’t managed to add that option to the theme yet sorry. You would have to add .portfolio-nav li:first-child{display:none} to the custom css box in theme options > styling options like bropos has done.

If you would also like to change the the posts that display on page load from ‘all’ to something else that would require some basic modification of the themes js files. If you could head over to the support form and open a ticket with some login details we would be happy to help with that.

Also thank you for your suggestion about the portfolio shortcode attributes I will be considering this for a future update. Thanks!

Ok, thanks

Hi! Great Theme, really happy with it!

I looking for a way to at the ‘rift’ class to another simple thumbnail on a different page so that the ‘flashy portfolio rollover thing’ also works on normal thumbnails on a different page/siderbar/post

Is this possible? Thanks!

Hi Woutervellekoop there is no option for this sorry but you can add html to the WordPress text editor like this.
<figure class="rift">
    <img src="www.your-image.jpg" />
    <figcaption class="caption">
        <a href="www.your-image-link.com">your caption </a>
And then add .rift img{display:block;} to the custom css box in theme options > styling options. If the image is not displaying correctly you might need to check the WordPress editor is not automatically adding any paragraphs or line breaks to your html. You can stop that by keeping all the html above on one line. Thanks!

Hi there

Quick question, the website crashes when on the iPad( tablet ). What could be cause of this? http://theopen.co.za/

Thank You

Hi Apex_Multimedia, Its likely crashing because you are using too much memory, most of your images are far too large. You will need to compress them down to a smaller file size and that should stop the crashing and also make you site load faster. Thanks!

Hi, i have a question: Why the Portfolio Site is without a Design? When my costumer comes throw Google on my Landingpage OnePage Portfolio Items are without a layout? It look terrible becouse there is wrong font, no logo ect.

Ho can i fix it?

Hi xxopenedxx. Currently the portfolio items don’t support external linking sorry. Ill be adding support for this in the next update.. It should be ready to download sometime next week. Ill let you know once its ready. Thanks!