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Congratulations on creating a beautiful theme! I love the look of the Portfolio. I just have some pre-purchase questions.

1) Is it possible to customize the height of the header slider? 2) Is there a way to have the logo in the center of the menu bar instead of the left? 3) Would it be easy to change the button / icon colors? Away from orange? 4) Can I switch out the current icons with my own? 5) I’m assuming it comes with short codes. 6) When using the theme Live Preview One, can you remove the first letter cap?

Hi, thanks for your interest! Questions 1 and 2 would require some modification of the code. Question 3 – yes you can change all the colors via color pickers in the theme options. Question 4 and 5 the answer is yes, and for question 6 there are page settings for standard headings, drop cap headings and no heading.

Hi there, Thank so much fot the zoo template. Nice and very user friendly wp template. I really would like to change the background of the thumbs in my portfolio page (http://www.newborn-fotograaf.com) in #fffff (check portfolio item rollover cover). While doing that, the hover text doesn’t show up anymore, because it’s #ffffff as well. Where or how can I change this color? Looking forward to your reply.

Hi, ggdeman. there’s no option for the caption text color at the moment. You would have to add the following css to the custom css box in styling options .rift .caption a{color:#yourColorHexCode;} Thanks!

Thanks a lot. In addition: is it possible to change number of pixel en color of the slide navigation on the bottom of the super slides. Thanks for your reply.

Hi. Yes you can add the css below to the custom css box and change the width and height to the required size, .slides-pagination a.current is for the active item color. Thanks!

.slides-pagination a {
    border: 2px solid #yourColorHexCode;
    height: 10px;
    width: 10px;
.slides-pagination a.current {
    background: #yourColorHexCode;

Hey just wanted to let you know of a bug that in my opinion will greatly effect all your theme users. I just recently installed wordpress and in the theme options i selected your theme, and as i was making changes on the general page and was ready to save and clicked the save/confirmation (the blue button) at the bottom, the next result was an all blank white screen with the words located at the the top left corner “this is spam”. Can you kindly instruct what i should do next?

Hi Sadcrew. We have never experienced this/had it reported before. Could you please send a ticket at the support forum with some login details? and we’ll try to identify the source of the problem. Thanks!

Hey, is there a way to adjust the size of each parallax section, such as the height?

Hi Drpianox, you can add the following css to the custom css box in Theme Options > Styling Options .parallaxSection { height: 450px; } and change 450px to the height you require. Please head over to the support forum if you need some help with it. Thanks!

Ok got it thanks so much!!!

Hi, . . . Love the theme. I would like to use it just as it is, color and all Great Work. Question where can I find the same exact photo of the lion ? I checked the info. you have provided and who you have Thanked and gave credit to. I looked at every single photo in photo dune for the lion, and flicker, can you help ? . . . not just any photo will do, your photo is just right. : )

Thanks ~ Yvette

Hi Yvette, the lion photo is actually included with the demo import but you can also find it on flickr here Thanks!

Yea, Thanks . . . we will be working with endangered animals. Great Job !

hi! i want remove portfolio hover action. how can i..?

Hi lemonncake, Could you please open a ticket at the support forum with some login details and we’ll remove it for you. Thanks!

Could you please include spotify, pinterest, behance, and foursquare as social network options in the next update?

Hi Syokley, yes I’ll try add them in the next update. Thanks!


A fantastic theme as fantastic beaches in Australia!

Could we be lucky to get the HTML version too? Could you be specific with the date?

Thanks Fighter Jet, there is currently no plans for a HTML version at the moment sorry.

Hi there

Quick question. Once you click on one of the portfolio section the menu at the top disappears and it only shows the arrow options and exit option. Is they a way that I can keep the menu at the top.

Thank You!

Another question, the website is breaking on the sides. It is not full width. When you scroll down or side ways it brakes. What could be the issues here?

Here is the link http://open.apexmedia.co.za/

Thank you again and looking forward to your respond.

Hi Apex_Multimedia. Could you please head over to the support forum, and open a ticket with some login details so we can help you out with those issues. Thanks!

Hello! I’m using shortcode TABS within a Portfolio item, and the tool TABs does not work properly.

It shows the contents of all the TABS without organize according to the active TAB.

The TAB Shortcode doesn’t work for portfolio?

Hi Studiobuzz, yes currently there is no support for tabs in the popup. Ill be looking to add this to the next update, or you can open a ticket at the support forum with some login details we’ll add a quick fix for you. Thanks!

Hi. I have this template live now, and slider images won’t load on iphone, and it won’t load at all on CHROME iphone. help?!

Hi Tanyashaw, could you please open a ticket at the support forum with a link to your site. So we can help you out with those issues. Thanks!

please email me at tanyashaw737@gmail.com about the iphone issue. thanks!

Hi tanyashaw, I have sent you an email. Thanks!

I am getting broken links it appears

please check above response. Thanks!

Hi, I’ve this theme set up and everything works ok, Very happy with this purchase but I’ve one question. I’m still working on the website as my portfolio site and I’m probably working on it for a while and I’m wondering if it’s possible to set an image as a temporary site (something like “website is coming soon” or “site is under construction”) in front of this theme. So that visitors can’t see the unfinished website. And how can I set this up in my dashboard.

Hi DKlerkx, there is a good plugin you can use for that here Thanks!

Hi, How can i use my custom webfont (not google font) ? I was not able to connect to the forum (http://webdingo.ticksy.com/) Thanks Figlider

Hi Figlider, there is only admin options for google fonts at the moment. To add custom fonts manually with @font-face you can generate a font face kit here

then paste the css they give you into style.css and paste the font files into the themes folder. Then you will just need to add the font family css to your elements with !important for example

body{font-family:'your-main-font-name' !important;}
h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6{font-family:'your-heading-font-name' !important;}

The forum might have been down at the time you should be able to connect now. Thanks!

Thanks, merci.

Hi there…

I posted in the support forum but maybe it’s faster to get a response here. Earlier, someone asked about changing the height of the SuperSlider. Can you tell me how to do that? I don’t seem to see it in CSS, but perhaps I’m missing something.

Thank you.

Hi Ebraxton, we have replied to your ticket on the forum. Thanks!

Hello there! How can I make my sight look similar to the live preview site? I’m not great with wordpress but was told it’s a great way to start a website. Thank you!

Hi Niktheqwik, you can find instructions for importing the demo content in the “Importing the Demo Content” section of the documentation. Please head over to the support forum if you need some assistance with it. Thanks!

Amazing looking theme. I have a question – is it possible to make the blog page separate (multipage) from the front page?

Thanks Maxenko, yes you can have a separate page for the blog.

Hey guys I am back again with another question haha…

So the homepage is a combination of pages… and when you put them in the menu you can click on a link and it scrolls down to the page, I get that.

Part 1) I want to know if I can have a page be entirely parallax, without the white section above it that seems to always be there- OR how can I click on a menu link and the page scrolls down straight to the parallax section of a specific page?

Part 2) If I have a link in one of the superslides at the top of my homepage, can I insert a link as text over the background image, and that link scroll down the homepage to a specific page/parallax?

I hope this is clear, thanks so much!!!

Hi Drpianox, yes you can set parallax backgrounds for the pages with the parallax_background shortcode or the background image field in the page options.

You can add buttons in the superslides that scroll to the page by using the button shortcode, and adding #pageTitle as the link. For example [button link="#About" transparent="yes"]About[/button] would scroll to the About page.

To add standard text links that smooth scroll to pages would require some minor modification of the javascript. If you need some assistance with that please head over to the support forum and we’d be happy to help.


Ok got it…. I got it all working…

When you have a background image on the page, is it possible to control the height of the parallax section that shows?

Hi Drpianox, Im not exactly sure I understand your question. Could you please open a ticket on the support forum with a link to you site, and/or a screen shot of what you are trying to achieve. Thanks!

Hi Guys,

Beautiful theme. I’ve just got a few questions;

- I take it the stary night sky on Preview two is a video? I’m looking for a theme where the landing page or top of the page is a full screen video so I can show a promo vid for my photography business. - Also do I have to have it as a single page parallax? I like some elements but would prefer to have several pages rather than one long page.

Thanks, Sarah

Hi Sarah. Yes the home page slider supports full screen vimeo, youtube and local hosted videos and the theme can be multi page as well single page. Thanks!