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Hi there,

The mobile version doesn’t display any background images only on iPhone, all other mobile platforms are ok.

Can you please shed some light on this for me?


Hi Goosh, Ive done extensive testing on iPhones and not seeing the issue here. Could you please send a link to your site via the support forum so we can take a look. Thanks!

Hi, I’ve had some problems with other themes with the new wordpress version 3.9 Before update I wold like to know if you already tested and everything is okay.


Hi Sergiobru, yes but you will need to update the theme and shortcodes plugin to the latest version to be compatible with WP 3.9. Thanks!

Just updated to 3.9 and my home superslider doesn’t work. The original image comes up for a split second and then disappears to a blank background. I then duplicated the slider image so that there were two, and the same problem arose, but I was able to scroll to the second image, which stayed up. So, it looks like it’s just the initial image in the super slider that is problematic. Please help!!! Thanks!

Sorry. Nevermind. Strangely, it’s working now. Although I had replicated the problem on different browsers and computers. Not sure what that was….... Sorry! And thanks for the great template!

Hi Studiousone, version 1.1.0 is now available to download that includes the fix for the superslider in WP 3.9 Please be sure to update your shortcodes plugin as well. Thanks!

New, quick question: I can’t seem to find where to change the style settings for the Portfolio item titles (font, decoration, etc.). Can you kindly tell me where that is?

Hi Studiousone. Do you mean the titles in the item caption? Unfortunately there is no typography options for these at the moment they will use the main/body font by default. You can add css like below in the custom css box in theme options > styling options to change them, and read more about the font properties here Thanks!

.rift .caption a {
    color: yourColor;
    font-style: yourfontStyle;
    font-family: yourFontFamily;
    font-size: yourFontSize;
    text-decoration: yourTextDecoration;

Also having the superslider problem post 3.9 update. Displays contents for brief moment then goes white – if window is resized contents show up again and work correctly.

Hi Maxenko, version 1.1.0 is now available to download that includes the fix for the superslider in WP 3.9 Please be sure to update your shortcodes plugin as well. Thanks!

Webdingo, thank you! And thank you for this theme… I am really really happy with it. Best one I’ve ever used in WP. Excellent design.

The problem is still there. SuperSlides Animation Type > Fade works, SuperSlides Animation Type > Slide causes the same problem. Not a big problem, but might be an issue to some.

Thanks Maxenko, you might have to clear your browsers cache. If that dosen’t work and you would like it fixed, could you please head over to the support forum and open a ticket with some login details? and we’ll take a look for you. Thanks!

Hi webdingo , I am updated my theme to version 1.1.0,but superslider still doesn’t work . Here is what I have done. Where have I gone wrong? 1. Downloaded installable WP version of my theme 2. Replaced the zip file on the “upload theme” page. 3. Updated Zoo Shortcodes (to ver. 1.0.9) and Zoo Custom posts (to ver. 1.0.1) on “Plugins” page


Hi Whiteroomme, you’ll need version 1.1.0 of the shortcodes plugin as well. You can deactivate the theme and then delete the shortcodes plugin. Then active the theme again and you will be prompted to install the shortcodes plugin, click install and that will install version 1.1.0 of the shortcodes plugin.

Also version 1.1.1 of the theme and shortcodes plugin has just been released, that includes a fix for the shortcodes generator button not showing up in WP 3.9 so you might want to update to that.When you update you need to do the steps like you have done but delete the shortcodes plugin as well as the theme.


Webdingo, you’re really helped me, thanks a lot. Love your theme, it inspires, great design…Thank you!

Hi, I’m keen to buy your template, but haven’t seen any social share icons on any of your demo pages.. is it possible to insert social share (FB, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest & 4Square) to both individual blog posts and pages? Cheers ED

Hi Peppermintpanther, its not built into the theme at the moment sorry. But there are loads of free plugins you can use for this such as ShareThis. Thanks!

I have a quick question about the Skill Rating Styles. How do I make it so that once you load that page, and it builds the skill rating, it stays that way instead of redoing the ratings every time you scroll?

Hi Nina. You will need to open the zoo-shortcodes-script.js file located in the js folder of the zoo shortcodes plugin, then delete line 46 where it says else { $(this).removeClass('enabled'); } Thanks!


thanks for your grate template!

Im playing around and have some issue.. can you lsl help me? my question sounds :

is it possible to have

used in zoo-min also in zoo? if I use it, the “unwanted” caption in zoo is still there..

i hope you understand :)

thanks a lot!

Hi ReneDar, sure we would be happy to help. Could you please head over to the support forum and open a ticket with the specific issues you are are having. Thanks!

Hello Youtube Video Slider does not work properly in most browsers.

Hi Studiobuzz, could you please send some login details via the support forum. It should be compatible with all major browsers. Thanks!

Love the Theme! Just found a glitch after updating to 1.1.1 - I updated my zoo short code plugins and I now can see my Zoo Shortcodes again, BUT – when I switch from Text Editor to Visual Editor, and then try to switch back, I am unable to do so, and run into a glitch.

I have not tried this in Firefox, only Safari but I will now. Just wanted to give you the heads up.

Thanks Zack

Thanks Zeech, a fix for this should be ready to download sometime tomorrow.


2 Pre Purchase Questions:

Your Demo doesn’t resize correct on my IPad 2. Anybody else has this Problem?

Superslider doesn’t work with swipe? Neither on IPad or on HTC One. -> Chrome

thx ch

Hi Digihouse, thanks for your interest. We haven’t experienced resizing issues on iPad 2 or had any reported, could you be more specific? Currently the superslider doesn’t support swipe gestures at the moment sorry.

ok.. thx.. should be no problem do include flexsilder etc.?

Hi Digihouse, yes flexslider is included with the theme.

Hi, loving the theme so far – I’m having a problem however getting the Zoo shortcode button to appear on the visual editor when editing pages. I’ve updated both the theme version to 1.1.1 and the shortcode plugin to 1.1.1. I’m using WP 3.9 – any help would be appreciated!

Hi – it appears you may have already answered this question above! If a small patch to fix this coming I’ll happily wait for that.

Hi Steadders. Version 1.1.2 of the theme and shortcodes plugin that includes a fix for this is now available to download. Thanks!

Hi, after the WP 3.9 update I have downloaded the theme again, removed the old one along with plugins. Now I’m trying to upload the new (hopefully updated) version, and this is what happens: The package could not be installed. “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Could you please advise?

Hi Paulina, please be sure you are uploading only the theme files not the full download package. Once you have downloaded the package from themeforest you need to extract the zip file and inside the zoo-main folder there will be a file zoo.zip which is what you need to install. Thanks!

Hi, thanks I figured this out;) But do I have to buy the theme again to get the updated version? I uploaded the theme again, and it seems to be the same version as before.

Hi Paulina, no you should be able to download the latest version from your downloads page in themeforest.

Hi—great theme. One thing: unless I’m missing something, I’m seeing that the default LATO font you’re using doesn’t seem to include extended Latin (accented) characters. I suggest using a default font that does. FWIW.

Thanks SRGM. yes unfortunately it doesn’t include latin extended characters, Open Sans should be a good substitute.

Hi there, I’m considering buying this theme but I have a question. The description says that any element can have parallax effects. Is it possible to parallax a png image on top of a parallax background image? I’m looking for a theme that can do this.

Hi jojochuu, yes that would be possible. Thanks!


Is it possible to change parallax picture’s size (in height) between pages ?

Also I have updated to 1.1.2, and since that I have a strange circle animation in the middle on one of my page. Can you help me removing it ?

Thank you

Hi Leaf_it. Yes could you please open a ticket a the support forum with a link to your site? Thanks!

It’s done and they’ve answered ! Thank you

I am having issues with my flexslider appearing at the top, aligned with the Mission on the About page. There was originally the About1a, About1b, About 2a, About2b which I deleted two of the flexsliders because I only wanted 2 sliders to appear, not 4. Please help! :(

Thank you.

Hi Misskbui, could you please head over to the support forum and open a ticket with some login details? and we’ll be happy to fix it up for you. Thanks!

Hi there

Is there a way to ensure that the text for a single-portfolio item is not centered?

I’d like to use column control in a portfolio item, but the text is currently always centered.


Hi Smudgedesign, you can set the alignment of elements via the visual editor in the edit item screen. Otherwise to set it globally for all posts you can add .mfp-content article > div { text-align: left;} to the custom css box in theme options > styling options. Thanks!

Hi, Love the theme, even if the management of the parralax is not that easy… (comparative with other themes). I have few questions :

- How to change the footer (with a second footer for exemple), because i have some informations i want to display & a second menu in footer. - How to change the way the blog articles appears on the home single page (i mean, to get it display on 2 columns for exemple). Because the way displays right now is too big. - Regarding wpml, where does the language choice will appear? - I would like to get one item in the menu in another color/font. Where is the css for this? Regards, Jerome

Hi Easternoutsource, you can add the WPLM switcher to the menu, footer and sidebar. To modify its css you can use the WPML additional CSS field, otherwise it will use the themes default styles.

Modifying the footer menu and recent posts shortcode would require some of customization of the theme files. Could you please head over to the support forum and open a ticket with some login details? and we would be happy to help you with this.


sent a new private ticket right now.