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Nice work as always theemon.. GLWS!

Thanks Priyo :)

Great item, GLWS :)

Thanks fieldthemes :)

Looks good , good luck :)

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How do I set up this theme with MailChimp?

Hi, There is a folder named “MailChimp Ready Template” you need to import that in mailchimp as per instruction provided in documentation.

Hey there! I am looking to set this up for my RSS feed in Mailchimp. Will that work with this template and look good? Do you have an example of this?

Hi andrewpeters, we have not tested it with RSS Feed but hope this will support.

I have imported the mail chimp template, but the only thing I can edit is the text areas and replace images. Why won’t it remove an image area when I click ‘remove’ or a whole block when i click the ‘minus’ sign for the block area.

mailchimp have 2 options

1) edit and save In this case images only have edit option & repeatable block(Plus/minus), when add a block by clicking on plus, only this block is removable by clicking minus otherwise Minus is not working.

2)editing before sending template

In this case image edit & remove both options work, repeatable block(Plus/minus/hidable-icon) in this case hidable-icon add automaticaly with plus/minus icon. you can hide/disabled a block which you want. and also repeat a block clicking on plus and hide this clicking on minus

hi when you mentioned support outlook, does it mean background images? Can you list down what is the limitation so that easy for buyer to make a decision and comparison? thanks much.


Yes, our template supports background image. Also the great new feature is responsive support in gmail app which limited companies are doing right now.

hi when you mentioned support outlook, does it mean background images? Can you list down what is the limitation so that easy for buyer to make a decision and comparison? thanks much.


Yes that will work there too. In case of any issue you can send us mail at support@theemon.com we will be happy to resolve that.

Thanks dude, because as far as I am aware Outlook will blocked/do not allow background image. unless you found some trick to work around this outlook issue.

Thanks for the purchase :)

I have purchased this and uploaded the zip into mail chimp, but its not letting me add/edit photos… can someone point me in the right direction with this??

Hi Jill, Please import ‘MailChimp Ready Template’ directory in mailchimp.

I have done that. the majority of the template is imported when i preview in mail chimp, however, none of the photos pop in and i’m unable to select them and change them out for the ones that i want….

Please send us your mailchimp login details at support@theemon.com so that our team can review what problem you have there & give you suggestion if anything going wrong.

Is the HTML code can be used in PHP List, Active Campaign, or similar services?

Hi, If these services are using plain HTML format then this mail template is compatible for them.

So this works on gmail app for android as well as web gmail? You only list iphone 5 as working but i assume other iphones it will work on as well?


It works perfect for gmail web app, gmail mobile app as well as on Iphones.

Awesome, thank you!

Hey, I bought your template and I’m using it with Campaign Monitor. Any idea how I can change the banner (the picture in background-image) directly throught CM ? Or do I need to change it directly on the template?


Hi, CM does not give option to change bg image through their editor. So you can do it before importing there.

I’m having issues with importing to MailChimp as well. I can’t see images or do anything to change them. I also cannot remove any blocks. Do I have to do that inside the code block?

Please import ‘MailChimp Ready Template’ directory in mailchimp. Mailchimp does not provide option to delete original blocks during customization. Yes you can hide blocks before sending the emails which will resolve your problem.

I already did that. If MailChimp does not provide the option to delete original blocks is this template really customizable? You say I can hid the blocks before sending the emails, but how can I do that? On the background image, I’m having to find where it is on the “edit code” section so I can plug in the url of an image. Is this the way to make it work?

Hi, Before sending emails mailchimp shows preview, there you can hide blocks. Regarding background image mailchimp does not give option to change, so you can edit code & update there.

HI, You know that gmail app does not support responsive features but here we implemented some hacks, own tricks so you can’t get it 100% perfect like other email clients. The the screenshot shared by you sections are not looking too odd & it’s showing responsive there (yes there are some alignment issues that is because of hack).

I’m still a little disappointed as it’s misleading. It’s not 100% responsive in the sense that it works on the gmail app. You still have to pinch and zoom and it isn’t using the methods available to make it responsive on gmail app. Kind of a waste of money (no offense).

Works as advertised in Gmail app for Android. However, it loses responsiveness in Outlook app and native Android email client.

Correction: The Samsung email client, not the Android native client is non-responsive.

You mean samsung default email Client? To be frank we tested it on Gmail App

Hello… I also wonder about Outlook functionality. Is it really responsive (so I don’t have to zoom out, pinch and so on? Windows Phone or Windows Mobile clients especially. Are they working as expected? Can you send a testmail with your template to my address from Mailchimp? Let me know… It would be a really good functionality for all potential buyers I suppose.

If I customize my template in your builder, can I export the code for Mailchimp directly or do I really have to upload the one included in download, as it’s suggested in several other questions here?

Also, I’ve just tried your builder with several templates you have here. It’s pretty buggy in both Firefox and Chrome (different issues). Very often I cant change image in content blocks (I upload it but it doesn’t show) etc. Are you doing anything about it? I wouldn’t really like to rewrite everything by hand.

Is there a more stabel environment to design in? Its very fragile.


How can i get a refund? The product does not work very well in mailchimp either. I’ve wasted a lot of time and I would like to get more assistance but your emails only ask for more screenshots etc. I haven’t been helped to this point and there has been no solution offered. Very Frustrating

Hi Dear, Not sure if you are importing “MailChimp Ready template” directory in mailchimp. If you will export from builder & import in mailchimp then it will not give you editable tags in mailchimp thats why you need to import “MailChimp Ready template” directory index.htm & images directory.

I did and it does not work. This is not user error. The support team at zooey has acknowled the product is broken and wanted to correct by today. This product didn’t work because it was broken. I found another outside of Envato. If it is a challenge to refund me. I will no longer use Envato for anything. I asked for this refund because the product didn’t work and the time in which they wanted to fix the product was past my deadline. It’s simple. Don’t sell a broken product.

If you can not honor this and your are looking to rip me off of 18 dollars. My first course of action is call my bank. Write a review with images that document this conundrum and never spend a dime with Envato again.

I’ll call my bank shortly if there is no resolution from you.

Hello Dear, You can raise ticket on Envato for refund as that is handled by them, They will definitely process your refund.

This is not working so good on Gmail app

Hello Dear, Please suggest what issue you are getting?