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Do the backgrounds not zoom and fill 100% in IE8 ? I went to check my site on an IE8 machine and the backgrounds don’t fill the page. I thought I buggered up some code somewhere but I checked your demo and it does the same. Any suggestions?

IE8 doesn’t support CSS3 , so for that particular browser, the background “downgrades” and displays the image in its normal format. This is typical for browsers that don’t support current web standards. The good news is that IE9 does support CSS3 and they’re acquiring a lot of IE8 ’s user base.

Would it be possible for the images to ‘slide in’ from the left and right instead of just appearing? I want to make it look like the images are scrolling across the screen and off when clicking left or right.

A continuos stream of images, im designing each images i’ll be using on this theme to look like its a street so you see the street continue from one image to the other.

Hopefully you understand what im on about, I can try give an example online if you don’t.

That isn’t an option with the way the slider is currently being generated.

Would it be possible to make the browser go full screen?

Thanks for purchasing!

Unfortunately that isn’t something the theme has control over. Would be cool though :-)

On the portfolio, when I move my mouse down over the thumbnails at the bottom, the thumbnails jump ahead a few images. So let’s say I put my mouse over the third thumbnail, then all of a sudden the thumbnails scroll and my mouse is over the 10th thumbnail. Then I have to scroll back and find the third thumbnail to click on it. Any idea on how to fix this?

Not sure what the “fix” would look like since that is how the system is suppose to function :-)

Maybe I didn’t explain myself correctly! Say, you have 20 thumbnails. You put your mouse on #3. Before you can click, all the thumbnails shift to the left and now your mouse is on top of #10 or so. Now you have to scroll back to the left to find #3 to click on it. I can’t imagine that is how the system is supposed to function! If it is, how do I turn it off?

Each thumbnail has a specific coordinate so that the mouse is able to click each item without having to scroll. The coordinates of the mouse adjusts to match the coordinates of the thumbnail. If you “turn it off”, you’re not able to access elements outside of the viewport.

Understand that. But why do the thumbnails skip like I described above?

Sorry, I don’t know how else to explain it. Beyond what I detailed previously, I can only say that is how it’s suppose to act. I’m open to suggestions if you have a better way of doing it ;-)

hi does this have a nice custom login like HUD ? Can a person add a 3d engine to this? (this code for a 3d engine is simple to add I would do this) Thanks

Everything available in the theme is showcased in the demo :-)

Regarding the 3D engine, I have no idea what that means, sorry.

ok thanks and as for the 3d engine I found several sources on how to add one and since this and many of your templates are built using HTML5 it will work and be easy to add..So for a login I also saw a way to add one like in your HUD using a ajax plugin..I guess all I need to decide is weather to get this or the wordpress version..:)

a question: why does this html template need php – for the contact form?

That’s correct. A PHP script is required to send the message.

what happened to the wordpress version of this? I seen it on here last week and when I went to purchase it its nowhere to be found..

Apparently the download file got corrupted. I’m working on getting a new file uploaded so the theme will be available for purchase. Hopefully it should be available soon.

okay thank you!

Hi! Purchased this a while ago .. It’s awesome and everything! Great job … Was wondering if it’s possible to ad a vimeo video in full screen, like the photographs .. Or if I can add vimeo video anywhere?

thanks a bunch!

And another question. How do I disable zoomed in photos (full screen)?i.e. I want the zoomed in by default


For disabling zoom, check out this forum post: http://www.themolitor.com/forums/topic/make-images-not-zoomed-in-by-default

Regarding video, full screen video is not a supported feature. Sorry.

Customizations are available upon request here, though: http://themolitor.com/custom

How do I make the slideshow image (i.e. the backgrounds on the landing page) clickable? My users have been complaining about it for a while :-(

It’s not intuitive to just make the thumbnail reveal a link… I think you should make the entire slideshow image clickable too?

Unfortunately that isn’t a quick edit that I can provide instructions for here. For customizations like this, please use this form: http://themolitor.com/custom

I like this template very much, before to decide purchasing it I need to know how a portrait photo would look like – currently there are only landscape images which fill up the space very nice.

Is there a way to see this?

Thanks, Meste

PS I am a photographer so this is very important to me

The theme is optimized for 16:9 screens. When images don’t fit those dimensions, some users add black bars on the sides of their images to make them visually optimized for 16:9 viewing.

Hi, I have not yet purchase this but will do soon – It looks clean and only with useful features. I want to explore this html theme with my own code. I just wanted to know, are they comes with php code (as there in your demo) or just vanilla html ?


The only PHP in this theme is for the contact form. Everything else is HTML .



Hi Chris, I am thinking about purchasing the HTML version of the Zoom theme. I just wanted to know if I could change any colors in the theme, if I wanted to? Also, lots of my photographs are portrait mode, not landscape, how will they show up in the bottom thumbnail-bar? Does that theme come with some kind of manual, so I would know the dimensions of pictures, configuration of forms etc? Thank you, Frank

Hi there,

1. You can easily control the link colors via the theme options panel. Everything else can be adjusted via CSS and/or the supplied PSD file.

2. Since most screen resolutions are 16:9, if you have a non 16:9 image the image will zoom in to fit the screen size. To address this, some users convert their portrait images to 16:9 by adding black bars on the sides.

Hope that helps!


Hi, I was just wondering if there was a way to stop the autoplay feature.


Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing!

Please review this FAQ : http://www.themolitor.com/forums/topic/deactivate-automatic-slideshow



Hi – I’m taking a close look at Zoom for my client’s needs. Is it possible to add copy to the individual photos in the portfolio(s)? Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Each photo in the main full screen “slider” is a post, so you can add a lot of copy for each picture that way (click the “read more” link for the photo in the demo and you’ll see what I mean).



Great theme. Very elegant and clean. I’d like to confirm three of things before buying, if I may.

1) Is there a way to DEFAULT the images to zoom-out (so you see the entire image) 2) Can I change the fonts to my liking, and can I modify the color of the ”+” on the right so that it is slightly more visible? 3) Does the theme provide an easy way to simply show highlight a thumbnail after clicking on it, rather than showing text (with link) 4) I’m an architectural photographer. When I create the site I’d like to include credit for the photography on the site as well as “Producing” the Website. The DESIGN credit of course remains with you. Is this acceptable? If not, what words would better meet your requirements?

Hi there,

Thanks for the nice remarks!

1. There are instructions to do this in my support forums.

2. Google fonts are supported. Other edits involving text aren’t hard to do. I can provide instruction in my support forum to make edits like that.

3. That isn’t a built-in feature.

4. Yes, you’re free to display (or not display) whatever information you want ;-)



It’s a fantastic design but unfortunately, I really want to use it as a gallery rather than as a launch-point to other pages. Can one just leave the thumbnail text blank and if so what is the appearance of the thumbnail in this case? Is the thumbnail just black or at all visible underneath it? Thanks again for your reply! I’ve looked at many of your designs and you have a great aesthetic.

Hi there,

I can provide instructions in my forums for removing the “read more” link.



Great design. I wanted to buy the html version but when I try to demo the html theme I get a stalled hourglass and the bottom of the screen reads “loading”.

Hi there,

Apologies for the delayed response! Was on holiday with the family…

This template is still def supported. I have 20+ templates on here that I’m actively supporting, but there are varying degrees of priority when it comes to issues related to demo sites (vs the actual theme itself).



Hello Christopher, I hope you and yours had a wonderful vacation and thank you for your reply. I think we have decided to use your work, really like the design and we fell you’ll be there should we ever need you. Best, Gary M.

Definitely! :-)


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