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it’s so cool…good luck teslathemes

Thank you!

This is really well done. Should be useful for photographers trying to get work. Good luck with sales Tesla.

Definitely, thanks!

Really nice…good luck with sales TeslaThemes :)

Thanks a lot!

Hi dude, any plans to bring this brilliant looking theme to Wordpress? :)

Yeah. In two weeks!

Hello, is there way to set up the gallery so when you click on the photo the larger jpeg file comes up and the person HAS to click the back button instead of an “X” to close the window? I know, my client is hardheaded and still living in 90’s website design. He says his clients need to click the back button because they would not know how to use the “X” to close a window. Yeah, it is driving me crazy. Please let me know as soon as possible.

I am not sure if you know what I mean. Maybe. Here is the link to the clients old website. See how the gallery is? When you click a photo it goes to the the jpg URL. You have to click the back button to go back to the gallery. Can I make your template Gallery do the same? http://www.hillcountrywoodworks.com/diningroom.html

One other question about your site. Do the gallery images have to be square? Or is that only for the gallery, not the large pop up jpg?

Well if you disable the script the images will open in the image url, well you put different images, we put the same size so they look align.

Thank you very much.

Hi TeslaThemes,

thanks for this nice looking template. I’m trying to boot it up pin an Umbraco site for a photographer. She really likes your theme!

I see that there is a small problem however, maybe you can help me with it. Both your preview site and my own website that is getting your theme have the same problem that in Homepage Full Width the picture bar underneath is not shown (with the plus sign). Also, images are not sized correctly under certain cirumstances. I assume that I am not placing the pictures correctly, but I don’t know how to correct this since I cannot check how you did it in the preview as it doesn’t work there either.

I think i need to put two pictures only in the viewport ul and all of the pictures in the thumbnails ul, am I correct? If I put more than two in the viewport ul then the images get repeated multiple times (scrolling down).

How should I place the pictures to get this beautiful slider working correctly?

Thanks in advance!


Yes, the theme was updated. Download it again or update through admin panel. Cheers!

Dude, you ROCK! That was it. For other people using this theme, the fix for this in the latest options.js file.

Thanks TeslaThemes, great support!


You’re welcome. Thanks!


I’m interested in your theme, but I wonder how can i change the icons on the homepage or add icons in 2nd level page. (for example, I want to change the video icons you have on the homepage to something else.) I would like to see if you have a list of icons to choose from, or if i can use my own icon.


Hi goldiekum,

Yes these icons are set when you create a service. You can create your own service and add your own custom icon. We don’t have a list there you can choose from, but you can upload your own, from different sites like iconfinder.com

Hi, Could you tell me what font is used in logo? thx in advance.


Hi Herub, “Aller Light” font is used.