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Nice!Congrats :)

thank you!

Cooooooooollll Nice to see you on Joomla area, GLWS ;)

lol thank you! We back!

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

thank you so much!

hi i bought ZT Cramos ecommerce responsive joomla template by zooextension

i need to know how to install quick-start plz ..


if you read the document then you will see the following part:

3. Installation

There are 2 methods of installing the ZT Cramos:

3. 1. Quickstart installation

If you’ve just started building your Joomla site from the scratch, we recommend following Quick start guide http://docs.zootemplate.com/post/quick-start-guide to install the entire site comes with sample data.

Kind regards, Sen

Hi .. that page shows how to do it but in joomla 2.5 .. and the theme I downloaded 3.2

hi . i dont know how to install quick start ZT Cramos theme .. you provide the guide for joomla 2.5 .. http://docs.zootemplate.com/post/quick-start-guide

but ZT Cramos theme its joomla 3.2 so i could not install the quick start ! .. please provide for me guide .. coz i payed 50 $

however , i try something .. upload joomla 3 in my host and then add the file i download it from your website ( ZT Cramos theme) which are ( admin , images , plugin , template , manifest.xml , script.php ) only but i got no result , only this http://baylsn.com/a

edit. found my answer thanks

I bought your zt cramos template, the template not work good, I can’t install modules html, neither slider, because they are not in .zip or I can’t find them in my download, quick install is not in template. I sent you a support ticket,but I have not reply. I can’t use this template in my store, please can give me a solution.

thank you

Please. I just bought this template, but the quickstart install isn’t on the package .zip i downloaded. That tutorial provides a link on your website, but i bought the template here on envato and can’t download the quickstart from there. How should I proceed !?

Hello, Please download the ZT Cramos package again to get the quickstart package for both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.2.3. It was approved by TF team. Cheers!

Extension for Yoomshopping Notify availability 1.1.7 does not work on the site with this template. I like this template, and I would have bought it in the future, but because of defects such as blocked or specially opportunities pattern probably would not buy, because maybe some other expansion work on this template will not. Information found on any forum, so I want to clarify that the author of the template.


Joomla 3.2.3 / JoomShopping 4.4.2


Very nice template! I am interesting to buy it but first i have some pre sales question. I try to find a tutorial about joomshopping but i had no luck! Can you please tell if will have any questions will you help me?

Regards T.Nikolaou


I have a client who uses cramos template. I am trying to change the color (the pink one) and i can not figure it out how. Can you please help me?


Hello Teothesss,

Please open a new ticket at http://member.zootemplate.com/helpdesk with your client’s purchase code.

We will take a closer look!

Kind regards, David


I just bought cramos template and i can not find the quickstart package. can you help me please?

King Regards


ZT Cramos version 1.0.3 was approved. Please download it now.

Cheers! David

Can you tell me how to download the new version?

please go to http://themeforest.net/downloads. Also please make sure checked “Get notified by email if this item is updated”

Kind regards

Hi, I bought your temlate, but it doesn’t work. Firstly it was written that I need to download plugin Zo2Framework, ok, I did it, but now it’s written: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Zo2Framework::getTemplate() in /home/u49950/public_html/templates/zo2_cramos/includes/bootstrap.php on line 22. What is going on and how to solve it? I need URGENT answer!

Sorry, I’m not clear, if ZT Cramos is not compatible with Zo2Framework v1.4.x. Why when I switch off Zo2Framework plugin it’s written “Zo2Framework not found” on main page? Should I download another version of Zo2Framework?

1. Zo2 Framework 1.3.x is totally different Zo2Framework v1.4.x

2. You should:

2.1 Uninstall the Zo2 v1.4.x 2.2 Reinstall package_zo2_cramos_vX.Y.Z.zip which you downloaded from ThemeForest. It contains both zt_cramos template & zo2framework 1.3.x

Hope this will be helpful!

Does that mean I can cancel plugin and templane and download again just package_zo2_cramos_vX.Y.Z.zip ? I did it, but there are mistakes on my website, please check http://lunola.com/

I can’t find quickstart manual, page that you provide doesn’t work, it’s written: The guide is not found or has not been published yet

So you should read my previous message:

1. Zo2 Framework 1.3.x is totally different Zo2Framework v1.4.x

2. You should:

2.1 Uninstall the Zo2 v1.4.x 2.2 Reinstall package_zo2_cramos_vX.Y.Z.zip which you downloaded from ThemeForest. It contains both zt_cramos template & zo2framework 1.3.x

Hope this will be helpful!

But I already did it ))) I cancelled Zo Framework and template and instaled package_zo2_cramos_vX.Y.Z.zip

Please! I need your help. check my website lunola.com

Please find what is happening with my website after template instalation, what is it and how to solve? Thanks.


That is unacceptable, your template has defects and you ignore my messages!!!

Important Support Tip

Due to the limited of this discussion box so if you have any issue please feel free to open a new ticket at http://member.zootemplate.com/helpdesk/

Hi, I need to change css template, but I cannot disable the less setting or change it directly… (for example I need change the pink color of links in template.css) How could I do?!? Thanks, Regards

is there any forum module in this template?