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Any plans for a Wordpress version? Looks great, good luck in sales!

Not at the moment but definitely in the foreseeable future. Thank you

Looks great. I know it was just released, but consider adding a LinkedIn button to the social media portion. I’ve already done so for the one I purchased.

Hey mmarques ! Thanks for purchasing my template. I’ll be adding a LinkedIn button in a future update.

Great work on this one. :)

Thanks for purchasing my template and thank you for your comment!

Excellent work, price should be a bit higher…

Thank you

awesome work!

Thank you louiejie !

Great job!, You plan to include color options? Sorry for my bad English. Greetings.

I’ll consider adding it in the future. thank you


Nice job ;) One question, how I can edit the google map in the Contact section? I’m going crazy :P

Sorry my bad english.

if you want to google map address, all you need is to configure one constant located in file js/custom.js in line 139
139 - $address = 'Level 13, 2 Elizabeth St, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia';

great work! finally a nice &responsive VCard theme!

Thank you leyva !

Thank you dreampunchboy !

Apologies for the noob questions, but what do you actually get once you have purchased? Can it be used as a landing page for a portfolio, blog or website?

Thanks A.

I like it. Good job. For some reason on my iPhone shows the desktop version, is this a responsive v-card?

Yes, this is a responsive v-card, you can test it here : http://responsivepx.com/?rbista.com/demos/zwin/

The problem is fixed.

The iPhone shows the desktop version, is there a fix for that?

The problem is fixed.

Love this one! great work One thing though, can i change the effects from Your slide effect to fade in/out ?

Thank you, Yes, you can change it easily.

Thank for the quick reply, Purchased it! ;) On small question, i want it to be 575px width what do i need to change in the css

i already did :

container {
    margin:0 auto;

but then the menu gets all messed up :(

(i want a small website) :)

in line 228, replace 130 by 80

224 - .tabs {
225 -        
226 -        
227 -        
228 -        padding-left:130px; // replace 130 by 80
229 -        

Thanks it did work just fine! Maybe a idea for your next update

when you click on “portfolio” it will load a external .html file, is that possible ? cause that will make this the ultimate Vcard of the year! :D


p.s : plus a wordpress version with a working blog loaded in ajax same as it is now :P

Yes it’s possible thanks for the Idea :D , i’ll consider that in the future update !

First up, love the work. But when looking at the PSD , I noticed the LinkedIn button wasn’t in it??

hi, Thanks for purchasing my template, i’m sorry for this but i’ll be adding it in the future update.

Thinking about buying this theme, looks awesome but I have a question. If I were to add another link to the menu, would this screw up the sizing for the responsive design viewing on an iphone?

:) it’s just a V-card there is enough links in the menu !

Hello Buddy, I have 2 queries and 1 issue,

Query [1]: How to put a FAVICON in this template? Query [2]: In the portfolio Section, I don’t want to open up the second image, when the thumbnail is clicked. Instead, I want an external URL to be opened…PLZ HELP !!

Issue: I changed the Email parameter in config.php; However, whenever I receive an email, it does not show up the “SENDER’S” email address (it only shows the Sender Name and the Message

Cheers, mottled Tan

Hi, thanks for purchasing my template.

Query [1] : Add this line to the head of the page
<link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href="Link_to_your_favicon">
Query [2] : Remove “rel” attribute from the “a” tag and change “href” by your link
Change this :
<a href="Big_Image_Link" rel="portfolio"></a>
To this :
<a href="Your_Link"></a>

Issue: yes i’ll fix this in the next update. Thank you !
To fix this issue : go to php/contact.php change $Sender_email by $email in line 30

Sorry to say, but the answer for Query [2] didn’t work. [I would be glad if you show some personal support]

Cheers, mottled Tan

We can only send PMs to authors so you will need to send me a message: http://themeforest.net/user/rbista#from

Naa..its Ok…if you guys busy or dnt feel like doing…I’ll manage !!

Cheers, mottled Tan

If you have any questions, please feel free to email via my user page contact form. I’d be glad to help you :)