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Hi all, could someone tell how to disable the zoom function in Google Maps in that theme?

Thx Marcus

If you want more Icons (like LinkedIn, duh) or change the Icons, the theme uses IcoMoon. Goto Icomoon.io and launch the app. Highlight all the Icons you want to use, when finished click the button on the bottom that says “font”, in the next screen there is a button that says download. Take all the Icomoon files and replace the ones in the Theme folder, under Theme>>Fonts>>IcoMoon.

Now you just have to call them in the theme index file. Look for the Glyphcodes, something like “?” and replace them with the glyphcodes you just downloaded, they will be listed in the Icomoon.svg but they will also be listed on your download screen in the IcoMoon website app. ALL of the icons will be replaced, so you will have to find and replace EVERY glyphcode in the index file. I couldn’t find all the icons the author uses so I just replaced them with ones of my choosing.

Hope that helps someone.

The comment form erased the glyphcode in my previous comment. Anyways it usually ends with something like xe03a

It just a short code of letters and symbols.

Hi, I really like your template. However, I’m have 2 questions.

1. How do I make the download pdf resume work? 2. Where do I add my email in the contact form, so all the forms informations goes to my email?

Thank you, Karen


I found out how to do the pdf, but I still don’t know what to do to make the contact form work. Please explain.

Also, i couldn’t add the linkedIn icon. I saw you said you will have in the next update. when is that?


Hi liamcoledesign.. Can you explain how you added the download as PDF option ?

Also, I am looking for LinkedIn icon. Please suggest how to do that.


Hi liamcoledesign.. Can you explain how you added the download as PDF option ?

Also, I am looking for LinkedIn icon. Please suggest how to do that.


I’ve purchased the template a while back and it’s great! Back then you had included several background patterns like: pattern1, pattern2, pattern3 etc…. These patterns are not included in the latest versions. What happened? Were they removed? Where can i find them and what’s their lincenses?

Thank you and keep up the good work!


How to set in menu Portfolio more projects it shows ony 10.

WP Version User.

Was interested in purchasing but it seems like the support is really damn bad, almost non-existent. Author should remove “I’m back now!” message and replace it with “I’m away, support not available”.

HI – I tried to download this to wordpress and it keeps failing saying that it has no css style sheet, could you help with this please?

Thank you

I am considering buying this product. Can I change the yellow throughout to another color with the style sheet. Thank you

Great Theme. I m also waiting for more Social Icons. The Code for the facebook icon is ‘&_#_x_2_a;’ where can i find the translation map of these codes? Thank you

Hello, I use Zwin HTML theme, but i want to add style on the map, i want to be black and white, i tried everything but doesnt work, can you help me about that code for style? Thanks…

Hi I’m just about to buy this template, I just wanted to ask 2 questions:

1) Can we change the main yellow color?

2)Can we have Multi-Language?

Thanks alot, JUlian


I recently downloaded this theme but it says the installation has failed because it’s missing the style.css stylesheet. Where can I get this?

Getting an error in FireBug when viewing both locally and in the demo

carouFredSel: the touchwipe-plugin is DEPRECATED, support for it will be removed. Use the touchSwipe-plugin instead.

For those of you looking for an immediate solution to the linkedin social icon addition you can take these steps to create your own icomoon pack:

Go to http://icomoon.io/app/
Choose all of the icons you want (facebook, instagram, linkedin, etc.), click the font button at the bottom
Make sure you ALSO choose the profile, resume, portfolio and contact icons too.
Note the character that appears above each icon
Click download, extract the zip to find the 4 icomoon.* files
Copy these 4 files to your server and replace the existing icomoon files that were packed with zwin
In your index.html, change the social icons html lines to look similar to:
< a_ href=”http://www.facebook.com/yourpage” class=”transition”>*< / _a>
—where * was the character that was listed above the icon in the icomoon app

Don’t consider this an official fix, and I can’t guarantee the characters will match the ones originally used in zwin’s pack, so make sure you pay attention, especially if you are using the icomoon pack elsewhere in your site besides for just the social icons.

But this should get you the icons you want! Enjoy!

You’ll also need the arrow icons that appear in the mobile responsive mode.

The social media icons are not showing correctly, and the text below the icons profile, resume, portfolio and contact.

I’m going to try to save some of you guys trouble in regards to changing the contact form script. As written in the theme’s documentation:
Contact form Configuration! All you need is to configure constants located in file php/config.php
Just go there and you can change the email, subject, and more. Hope this saves some people time!

Thanks for the great, simple theme!