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Not sure how to install this, zero documentation!!!

I have looked at all the comments, and can’t seem to find the info I need. Could you tell me where to find the documentation pdf? Or, can you give a short orientation to how the portfolio page works, I can’t seem to figure it out enough to customize it. Thanks

I’m trying to add a linkedin and yelp icons to the icomoon font but don’t know how too. Was wondering if I could get some help with this.

How to make the email work?

I found it where to fix it. under /php/Config.php

I try to add a link under portfolio section.

<section id="portfolio">
  • Flash
  • Magazine
  • But the magazine link doesn’t work when i try to click on it. do you know how to fix it? (is on the button of the portfolio section> i want it go to another new html page. It only work if i right click and click on nee tag.


    Is there support?

    hello, before buying I wonder how much I can change the original design. (colors, icons, design, etc) Thank you.

    THANK-YOU Check out what I’ve made @ adrianbeyerle.com/ Normally this would take me days to build, let a lone fill it with content, I was able to smash out my online resume super quick. I strongly recommend this great responsive theme. on that note, I also doesn’t want everyone to have the same vCard so probably shouldn’t keep raving on about this great theme..

    5 months ago “eirehotspur” posted…

    “It looks great but when you resize it to mobile size in the browser….you cannot see all the icons for the menu?”

    The icons in the menu looked fine in “mobile” size in your 2012 version:

    But not in your latest version:

    Here are links to the images showing how the icons in the menu looked like in in “mobile” view in the 2012 version:


    And the latest version:


    Hi I purchased this them, however is docent show my name as a buyer, I have one question, how I can add one more section to the Zwin VCard Options. Now is Profile, Skills and Resume, I want add one more please advise


    Would you please explain how to add a page or post

    Listen up, if you want to social media icons to change, read the ‘readme’ file in the FONTS folder.

    These icons are not images so to say as in .jpg or anything. They are a FONT. Like everyone knows how annoying Webdings was in Word? Well, the creator used his own free font you can create via icomoon.io . So the symbol ’;’ can be the Facebook icon. Try for yourself.

    Nice buy, but it would sell a lot more, if there is captcha in the form…

    Hi rbista,

    I tried to update icomoon pack by selecting all icon on icomoon.io > Font > Download > Replace the 4 files icomoon.* on ”/fonts/icomoon” but in webpage only appears ”* , ! ”, etc. Can anyone help me please?


    How can I add a LinkedIn icon?

    Hi, I am trying to change the contact form so that the fields are cleared once you submit it. Can you please advise how to do this.


    Hi. Nice theme. I have a problem with contact form. Once its being submitted it goes straight to home tab and all the information end up on url bar. I’ve tested on two different servers. Any help?

    Fix it. was a javascript conflict

    Great template.

    Few questions:

    Is there a way to “randomize” the “ALL” section of the portfolio; So it’s different with every visit before user breaks down to particular categories.

    Is there a way to change the dissolve with the mouseover in prettyphoto rather than that box pixalated look?

    Also, with my map – my coordinates keep putting me in Antarctica.



    I know this is a common problem and the solution is here http://bit.ly/1gK02AO but it does not work for me. Where do I make a mistake?

    1. I download and unzip the file 2. I zip “theme” folder 3. I try to upload with the uploader or upload unzipped “theme” folder per FTP, but I get the same error. ‘Style.css is missing. Theme install failed’ .

    I tried so many different solutions, none works. How do you guys manage to install this theme? Any ideas?