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Holy cow Batman! This is bad ass mate! I wish you good luck and for many sales. However, I don’t think you’re going to need it. This is a right proper piece of work!

Thank you!:)

yep i totally agree to drmedia1, fantastic file very nice work much sales and best luck!

Thank you! :)

Thank you!

Cool Stuff, Best of Luck!

Thank you! :D

Great job! How can i remove: Resumen Portfolio Date of Birth


Yes you can edit Resume and Portfolio items, use help documentation ! :)
Feel Free To Ask

sorry but i want remove these meu items ;)

Okey !
Edit index.php remove the lines : 77-78 & from 84 to 94

awesome :D …i think i’m going to get this just because it’s so neat!

good luck with it :D

Thank you ! :)

i got an The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. =/

Thank you for purchasing my theme ! :)
Are you sure because style.css exists !!

I was just wondering if there is standard blog options for this? I would like to use it for a blog as well.

Thank you!

For the moment it’s just a simple vCard maybe in a future version !

Perfecto! Bookmarked!

Thank You !

im an idiot man…got it figured it out lol…how can i remove the address line?

Thank you for purchasing my theme !
there is two place where Address shows up, Profile and Contact.
edit zwin_profile.php remove the line 14.
edit zwin_contact.php remove the line 6.

Nice Job! – to bad no blog option i thought you gonna make us a blog option.. this is just the same as the HTML version

Thank you ! we consider adding blog option in a future version !

The theme work fine with wordpress multi sites?

lol ive figured out the address part…can i have spaces in the resume for each role?

Incredible theme! Well done, it looks well designed.

A few questions if you don’t mind.

1. Is it mult-site enabled? 2. Can I see screenshots of the theme options or a demo admin account?

Thanks in advance, Naweed

Wow it looks awesome!

Thanks for the quick reply.

You forgot to mention whether it’s multi-site enabled?


Thanks for this… exactly what I needed!!!

I have a need for a few modifications:

How do I translate the: “Name” “Date of birth” and so on?

How do I remove some of those “Name” “Date of birth” and so on?

I also need to translate the static text on the contact page … like “Let’s keep in touch”.

Thank you for purchasing my theme !
Yes it’s possible read the Translation section in the help documentation !

Ah, of course… I can’t belive I didn’t check the documentation first. I’m really sorry. blush THANK YOU !!!

Hi, awesome! Can i replace the “Profile Page” with a widescreen picture?

hi, No, you can’t do that :)

Hi, love this theme, thank you:)

Just wondering how I go about making my website entry links clickable? And also, is it possible to change Date of Birth on the Profile Page to something else?

Kind Regards Tracee

P.S. Also forgot to ask if its possible to add another Social Network like Pinterest or Youtube?

Thank you for purchasing my theme !
for the birth day can i know what you need ?
Pinterest and Youtube will be in the next update sooon :D

Awesome, thank you:) Is it possible to make my website entry clickable?

I’ll consider adding it to a future update. thank you

Well done…bookmarked!

Thank you !

Amazing. This is exactly what I was looking for. I’m buying this tomorrow (via my system0 account).

Great work.

Thank you !

Very nice work! more sales for this theme :)

Thank you ! :)