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This theme looks great; however, I’m a bit concerned by both the lack of update and the lack of response to most of the questions here.

Are you planning any updates in the near future? Are you planning on adding support for blog?

I really REALLY wanted to buy this theme but there is horrible customer support here. No way can I spend $30 unless these people start gettin some questions answered. Ashamed to cus it is a awesome theme.

Hi, my contact form is not working, I configured to use SMTP and the connection is ok, but when I try to send a message I get this error: SyntaxError: unexpected token S

since installing the theme non of my links are working – please help!

Email form doesn’t work. SyntaxError: JSON Parse error: Unexpected identifier “Could”

Hello—- Is there a reason my portfolio photos are not loading?

Please help. Thanks!

i agree with previous buyers, the lack of support and response from the developer doesn’t merit the $30. Find something better, where it’s regularly updated and your questions actually get answered/acknowledged.

Lovely theme but it seems the customer service isn’t great. A client purchased the theme off his account and has me altering it for him.

To answer some peoples questions about colours. You can change the colours of text by editing the relevant css file for the colour scheme you have chosen. You can also create a whole new colour scheme by re-uploading the edited images (in the images folder) onto your server. To do this you will need basic code knowledge and photoshop knowledge.

The main issue for me is the website field… it’s crap if you have a long URL and having to display http:// before it isn’t great either.


I am interested in changing the color scheme to black.

Any help oh how I can accomplished that?

Regards, Eric

I want to purchase and I have a question, is there anybody to answer?

Good theme, but lack of support and update, it’s a shame!

Poor support, no update, questions not answered, etc. Hope this developer gets booted from ThemeForest. And I used to support this developer, as I thought the theme was great, until no updates, support, etc. was provided.

Too bad I wasted money on this.

wanted buy this great template but because of total lack of support and updates and lack of developer communication at all I would be crazy if I buy that ..which is ..sad…

Yep. I bought this too. And Yes, awful support, no updates which were promised, no blog. This guy has really put me off using Themeforest again.

Don’t buy it. – the theme is poorly architected and very inflexible.

Just a warning that if you buy this theme, you are stuck with the exact verbiage and pages as they are set and really have no control over the theme or icons or anything. We just wasted $30. Its exactly as you see it. Basic customization. So if you don’t want to change it and like how they developed it and want to fill int the blanks, then this theme is for you. They should have a backend demo.

Hi there, not too sure it if this question has been asked:

Does this theme work with WP Multi-site?

Hi, thx for your great “Zwin” template. I don’t get the phpmailer run. The error message is “Could not instantiate mail function. Sorry, message could not be sent.” Could anyone of you guys help me out?

Thx Marcus

Hi I like this template I want to know if I can have more pages Thank you

I love this theme. You need to know what you are doing but it is great. You can check out what I did here:


Good luck!