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I asked help on support few days ago, i didn’t have any answer. I have a problem with accent on the mail sent with the contact form. I receive strange character…

Anyone have a fix ?


I added a lot of Portfolio posts, and they were not all showing up. I was able to change a line of code in the zwin_portfolio.php file.

In the $args array for get_posts, change 'numberposts' => 0 to 'posts_per_page' => -1

That will remove any display limit on the portfolio post type.

Hope that helps someone.

Any way you could include more color options in the configuration section? None of them are all that attractive.

Need more social media options. Please add…

AdamCarrier, thanks for that, was looking for that exact solution and glad you posted the solve!

LOVE the simplicity (quickest website implementation ever) and the design of the theme but there’s NO SUPPORT. Got all the fixes from frustrated programmers on this comment page.


Thank you for that zwin_portfolio.php fix. It’s much appreciated :)


Great theme. I installed it and now I was wondering if I could translate it, so I have multiple languages of my website.

I would like to translate with WPML. The translation of the .mo and .po file is already working. It’s now all about the content.

Hope to hear from you.


Thank you @adamcarrier !!

cant see demo on themeforest?

I got the following problem today hen I was trying to access to my website/wp-admin/ : “Warning: get_meta_tags(http://www.rbista.com/updatecenter/zwin.php) [function.get-meta-tags]: failed to open stream: Connection timed…”

Please update your hosting server, I can’t wait to use my admin panel.


It works ! Thanks :)

Is Version 1.0 still the latest version? Have there been no updates?

Does anyone know how to make the portfolio section have a gallery that can be scrolled through with arrows?

You intend in the next version to add the blog tab? It would be great since most of us also needs it:)

On opening the live preview the site got blocked by my avast antivirus with a warning that the site tries to load a trojan horse ?!!!

Has anyone been able to reorganize the “Resume” section by drag-and-drop ad the documentation(item 2.5.3) stated? I’m using Chrome and WP 3.6 . Terrible support on this theme, i’m already stuck with it but avoid it if you can!

The solution to the “drag and drop” reordering issue is solved if you use Wordpress 3.3. I had to roll back from 3.6 to 3.3 as i have missed that in the specs it says it supports WP 3.0 thru 3.3 only. Check here in the right>>>>



is it possible to make the “website” url i Profile to a hyperlink? Or maybe insert a hyperlink in the About Text. I have tried in the zwin_profile.php without any luck.

“This theme including illustrations by Fil Dunsky (http://dunsky.ru). It was added by mistake and it is not allowed to use them in your site designs or somewhere else without permission of author. They will be removed in next update. Sorry for inconvenience”

-chuckles… By accident? Really?

Are you going to update the indentation on the right side of the template? What about a blog tab… It’s Wordpress y’know?

New update today? Where’s the changelog? Is it compatible with WP 3.6?