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      Glad to see you! “Ascetic Vision” is specialized on author’s selected, niche professional background music. Our portfolio include exclusive best sellers, sad, prosaic and daily , classical, deep psychological, inspirational, bright advertising music, unique sound- design for media, YouTube and TV-channel, intimate, calming, special extra long light piano background music, sweet romantic, christmassy, vintage grand piano music for your video, family, wedding video, trailer, underscore theme. In portfolio you can find our inspirational and exclusive ideas that will enhance Film, TV, documentaries videos, and other new media applications and theatrical performance.
      If you want save your money, please listen our bundles. All music is complete in ZIP- archive and include mp3 and wav files.

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“Infinity” – 10 minutes clean relaxing music
“Distance” – soundtrack and final score
“Beautiful Piano” – beautiful slowmotion
“Classic Piano Upbeat” – for inspiring video
“Sad Piano” – melodramatic soundtrack
“Inspiration” – optimistic strings and piano

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Music Bundles:

“Beautiful Piano Bundle” – 5 cinematic tracks include
“Minimalistic Cinematic Piano Bundle” – 5 neoclassical tracks include
“Nocturnes Bundle” – 5 classical tracks include
“Minimalistic Piano Preludes Bundle” – 5 minimalistic tracks include

Music for psychological thrillers

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