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    Beautiful World – This track was composed to celebrate how beautiful life can be!

    With a unique hybrid blend of music boxes, bells and and orchestral elements, this track has a fresh and dynamic feel that has been composed and produced to a very high standard – making it perfect to underscore any projects that have a positive and uplifting message!

    Zero Hour – Pumping club track great as a foreground montage/transition piece – or will happily sit in the background.

    Has a well-produced, edgy sound that’s great for footage of a big night out and some serious clubbing!

    We Build – A delightful building acoustic track that develops with each layer. The philosophy behind this track was togetherness and teamwork and the things we can achieve!

    Fits with any positive, upbeat projects – particularly where a point is being made about teamwork or friendship!

    Something Brand New – This catchy modern orchestral track will make your project stand out!

    Well composed and exuding a classy sound, this will drive the pace of any montage and create a positive atmosphere of endeavour and innovation.

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