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We open for partnership with theme authors

  1. Make sections/elements for your theme (or HTML template) in according with trivial standards of our library plugin
  2. Allow to include your sections/elements into library plugin
  3. Include library plugin into your theme free of charge
  4. Your theme will have more than 500 blocks with high quality designs additionally
  5. Every new partner will extend this library and your theme by compatible sections and elements (coding standards moderated)
  6. If library plugin will have many sales – you will get commission or you can terminate partnership and start to sell your own library-plugin with your sections/elements
Read more about our theme development process.

Services we provide

  1. HTML to WordPress 5$ per unique section with front end page builder
  2. PSD to WordPress 15$ per unique section with front end page builder
Your site will be edited like here

Customization service

Via with hourly job mode and 33$ rate