Graphic Design // Web Design // Art Direction

I am an experienced designer with solid, real world experience and a demonstrated history of working in the printing, publishing and advertising industry. I understand the intricacies of businesses and you can count on me to be painfully detail and results oriented. As a proficient and experienced graphic designer, I have some of the following achievements under my belt:

  • Built over 60 issues of a publication with 100,000+ circulation
  • Raised subscription rates by 8% via reinvigorated campaigns
  • Improved subscription renewals by 16% via a redesign
  • Established a multi award-winning creative department
  • A leader with solid marketing skills and real experience
  • Eagerly maintains brand standards amidst rapid growth
  • Well-versed in a lengthy number of specialties
  • Driven, decisive and reliable
Additionally, I am proficient in web development, with emphasis on WordPress. I am comfortable dealing with HTML5, CSS and email campaigns at an expert level. Furthermore, I am also well-versed in skills related to pay-per-click (PPC), organic search results and online marketing related with websites such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other social media giants.

I consistently remain current with modern design concepts and the newest trends. I strive to push the boundaries of creativity and seek visual appeal while remaining practical. I consider myself to be a unique individual with a positive attitude, who can accept the responsibility to complete any project with little oversight or direction.

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