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@centeratt3 “I couldn’t say enough about how great this developer is to work with. They go above and beyond to make sure that you get the help you need to understand their code and features. I would recommend any theme by this developer, and I have purchased many themes and been burned.”

@maple_aikon “The theme is beautiful, rich feature and customer support is great. Thanks for helping us and making this theme “

@diegoparoni “A very rich and beautiful template. It’s a real Drupal template, well integrated and easily editable. Congratulations!!!”

@johcar “Customer support and the templates’ big mix of features are both great! I’m a PHP rookie but can still manage to build up/configure a nice website, thanks to the people behind Jollyness and its nice template package! “

@parischa ” Customer support is just GREAT, the Theme is WONDERFUL, scalable, flexible, very well done. Cannot be more satisfied, 10 STARS.”

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Orane – Multi-Purpose, eCommerce Drupal Theme

Evolve – MultiPurpose, Creative Drupal Theme

Jollyness – MultiPurpose, eCommerce Drupal Theme

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