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David AE Levy - Las Vegas Producer

Hi, thanks for visiting my Envato page!

My reason for being on Envato is to be inspired by the artists here as well as maybe putting some of my own work in this market. As well as an auxiliary purpose of networking with individuals who have experience with motion picture production and/or product development. EG I am venturing into 3D printing as well as my career in entertainment.

Diversity, commitment, determination, quality, efficiency, focus. These are the values in attitude and work ethic I look for in colleagues. These are the type of people I do my best to surround myself with. And I dare say that we are the type of people that make great things happen!

For entertainment industry credits please see my IMDB page:

My experience: I have produced high quality short films one of which has been officially selected right now (Q2 2014) into the 23rd Arizona International Film Festival and the High Desert International Film Festival and the Vegas Indie Film Festival. I’ve produced content which has been featured on the TruTV network.

Right now (2014) I’m producing: -A celebrity Talkshow in Las Vegas -A celebrity reality show in Las Vegas. -Content for BTSV (Behind the Scenes Vegas) -A television pitch Violent Venus (a live action anime parody) -2 minute pitch films of feature scripts (including 4K to 8K content)

My skill set includes: Management, Production, SEO/Social Media Marketing, Photography, Audio production, Website Administration, 3D rigging and animation, I am very technical minded and people oriented.

If you want to hire me or if you want to work with me please send me a private message. Be sure to Google my name “David AE Levy” first so you’re comfortable with who I am and what I do. Thank you.

Kind Regards, David AE Levy

P.S. I’m also proceeding with my college education in pursuit of law school. So please wish me luck! See my YT:

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