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Support and Legal Terms

I spent one day to organize information and write this page, I expect you to read it careful. Thanks :)

Legal terms in brief, you can use one item license for one website (respectively multiple websites = multiple licenses in same amount) and if you want to use one of my templates as part of your larger software, you need to purchase an extended license.

Support terms in brief, it is very important for you to know that support is not required for Envato – Themeforest items. However I do provide professional support on my limited time available as mostly I am busy with development and my personal life, just like you.

I will always provide help when you get critical errors or layout breaks ASAP.

Please continue to read below as I am going explain things and share my experience and knowledge.

First Things First

I only provide support to verified clients so to confirm your purchase you can send a message via the form on the right side of my profile page.
This is the only way and the fastest way to verify your purchase.                              Right here =>

How To Get Help? Well.. Let’s Start By Describing Your Issue Properly

BEFORE ANYTHING: please check your server according to Joomla Requirements and to check your server, you can simply log into your site back-end, and go to Site -> System Information, then do the cross check with the requirements. If your server does not comply, you have to find yourself another server or host and only contact me when you have a good server. A good server must provide the Joomla! Minimum Requirements and must not have the latest ALPHA PHP/MySQL development version, your server must be stable. FYI: I only work with mySQL database and my development setup is always according to Joomla! Recommended Requirements.

You have to understand I am not a super being that can feel/guess what your issue is, this means you always have to explain in detail steps to reproduce your issue, then provide your server setup information like PHP+mySQL version of your server. This way I can understand what happens and guide you to the right track.

I strongly recommend using Firefox with Firebug OR Google Chrome to detect if there is any JAVASCRIPT error in the browser console. This information is crucial in most cases so I need such information along with your report.

  • Example on steps to reproduce your issue:
  • step 1 – browse for file on my computer and click “Open”
  • step 2 – click the “Install” button – at this point this error shows up (here you have to paste the error here)
  • my setup is – PHP version 5.X.X and mySQL version 5.X.X
  • please check here (you have to provide a temporarily created Joomla admin account on your site so I can test, so I need: your site-link, admin-username, password)

Possible Scenarios And The Right Course Of Action

The general rule – First of all please know that the template installation and functionality is strictly verified by the reviewers on upload and double checked everything on installation and usage. This is why I want you to do the check & find a solution for yourself first before contacting me. I would love to help everybody, but there is no time. I am very busy with development and more and more people come with support requests or custom work. Below I have a small knowledge base to help you, please read careful.

Error installing module / plugin / template
This is a very common issue with Joomla on various servers. Some servers have various security layers, one of them is to disable write access to public. When you install a module/plugin/template Joomla requires an FTP account in order to get write access. Click here to learn how to enable the FTP layer.

Icons disappear when editing
This is a very common issue with Joomla core editor called TinyMCE. By default this is set to strip empty tags and also strip some certain tags. You can either choose to use no editor, like I do (select no editor in the Jomla Global Configuration), or configure the editor to allow you more advanced editing. Click here to get more insights on the issue.

Unable to load user with ID: 42
This is a common issue that could happen on some environments when installing a Quickstart packages with K2 Sample data. It’s strictly a Joomla! security feature, with the main purpose to get the super admin to be harder to find and/or hack, greatly increasing security of your website. So this has nothing to do with my template.

There are solutions:

  • if you have installed my Quickstart on your TESTING ground and you get this error, you can simply ignore it because on your production live site you will have to do everything from the scratch on a fresh Joomla! Installation. I highly recommend this option, but if you want to play, on your testing ground you can try some of the following.
  • If you really need to start with the sample data, you can update the K2 tables in the database according to the NEW userID value, your site is more secure. Click here for instructions.
  • OR you can update the K2 tables in the database according to the OLD userID value, and makes it less secure for your site. Everybody knows Joomla used to create the admin on installation with userID=42 since Joomla! 1.0 and this was a common exploit used by all hackers. Click here for instructions.

SEF Issues? – First or all please know that a template holds no router file and cannot affect in any way the way Joomla pages routing work. With other words, the template has nothing to do with SEF. So after installing the template on your setup or after installing the complete Quickstart and whenever you want to navigate shows a 404 error, this is a SEF related issue. FYI: your server have to have a certain kind of feature called mod_rewrite to be enabled and you must clear all Joomla and Browser cache when you change the SEF settings. You have to ask for support at developer, in this case please use the Joomla forum.

Critical error with some file inside my template folders – this is not really possible as I am double checking everything and also the ThemeForest reviewers check again, so in this case you must contact me immediately and I will provide a fix in shortest to zero amount of time. Use the form in the right side of this page to send your message. FYI: it could be a missing file because the upload was incomplete or some file could got corrupted due to pack/unpack. The case below is similar and has some solutions.

Fatal error: Class ‘Browser’ not found in /site/plugins/system/jat3/jat3/core/common.php on line 336 – this happens because T3 Framework developer have renamed that class since the 2.5.1 version. In this case the solution is very simple: you have to UNINSTALL T3 Framework Plugin and reinstall.
Download link here.

Quickstart Installation Successful but keep getting error on the front-end with some missing file – this is the case when your FTP client haven’t finished uploading all files to your server, or some files were corrupt during unpack and/or upload. If the error say: “Cannot find XXX/XXX/some-file.php on line XX” this means the some-file.php should work with another file that is missing and you can try to re-upload that specific file. Some more similar errors could show up, again repeat the process. The best solution is to use Akeeba Back-up and Tools for transport.

Complete blank page in the front-end – This is quite a nasty one. Seems like Joomla doesn’t fire any event in the front-end. If errors show up even with Joomla core templates like Beez, you have to follow this guide below. You need to enable all possible error reporting from Joomla and your PHP server. This must make possible to pop up all the possible logic failures of the PHP code, mostly 500 Internal Server Errors, it should also show all missing files or corrupt files. When you have the situation clear enough, you must search on Google the causes and fixes.

In other cases, blank page issue could happen when using a T3 Framework Template too, please know this cannot happen because the template, can only be due to the framework changes. Why? The template only hold some template overrides and some CSS, in basis, that is all it is. A quick solution is: update Joomla then UNINSTALL T3 Framework Plugin and install the latest version. Download link here.
If issue persists please confirm this happens with other T3 Framework based templates (details below) and don’t forget to check your server support, so login to your Joomla administrator, then browse “Site – System Information”, here is to find all the details of your server.
Next download the JA T3 Blank Template and install in your setup. Don’t forget to set it as default. If you get the same error, please go to the T3 Framework Forum and let them know the Framework and the Blank Template show a blank page in the front-end on a PHP 5.X.X (your server PHP version) while other Joomla core templates work fine. A quick fix you can try is an older (or just different) version of the Framework, but only for the short term. For security reasons you must always use the latest version.

Another problem with blank screen you could encounter is with DNP Quicksand Module, it’s not compatible with PHP 5.2.17 or below. Please try to find a server that provide the Joomla Recommended Requirements

Critical error with some T3 Framework file – this is a case when you have to ask for support at developer. In most cases it is best to UNINSTALL T3 Framework Plugin and install the latest version. For more click here to get started.

Critical error with some Joomla core file – please update to the latest version and ask for support at developer. Click here to get started.

Critical error or layout breaks when using 3RD part extensions – please only use stable proven extensions and don’t forget to ask for support at extension’s developer. Contact me only if the developer conclude there is a problem with my template. If your need is urgent, please go to Joomla Extensions Directory and find a similar extension.

Some/No JAVASCRIPT works – this is an example of issue caused mainly because of using some extensions loading jQuery and causing conflict. FYI: only the template or K2 Component (if installed) should load it. In this case you have to disable loading jQuery for those extensions and if this does not fix your issue, stop using them, again go to Joomla Extensions Directory and find a similar extension. Please understand I don’t fix third party extensions, nobody does.

I have a BIG problem with this page – if you are trying to customize the content, but you don’t have much experience with HTML generally, you can get a nasty layout break. In this case, before contacting me, I want you to consider using JCE – the best editor ever instead of TinyMCE and try to find any missing markup like closing paragraph or heading (</p> or </h3>).

I cannot get this to work – if you are trying to customize the layout of some element like menu or perhaps header, but you don’t have much experience with CSS generally. In this case, this is custom work and I am not supposed to do custom work for free, you have to manage such thing for yourself. Could sound a little harsh, I know, but I am not required to do this and it’s nothing personal. It’s really a matter of time. Imagine if all clients would ask for this, I wouldn’t have the time to develop any new templates. Still I can always provide some tips if I have the time and you can read below more details.

You Like It, You Buy It, You Use It “As Is”

As a general rule, if you purchase my templates, you like the design, this is a case where you should follow this design line and not modify any code. Simply dropping your logo and your content should be enough for your website. Should look fresh and professional. There is a simple explanation to this: for instance you may want to customize the menu for some template, and for me, as the designer and developer of that template, I can assure you this is really painful and time consuming work, once you try it you will understand what I mean (combining style classes like active+hover or active+hover+havechild or level1+active+hover+level2+active=hover… trust me you better leave it “as is”).

If you purchased my templates means that you are experienced enough to deal with things, such as servers, PHP, CSS and/or JS without asking me any question on basics for any possible issue. With other words the Documentation I provide (as advertised is Well Documented) is all your need so you can get your site up and running in no time.
If you want more than “as is”, please read below and acknowledge.

The Border Between Custom Work And Free Support

Remember: I would love to help everyone of you for free, but there is no time for hundreds of clients to do everything. Still, sometimes if you are lucky I can provide some help with customization work, usually things that are not explained in the Documentation. If your need is relatively easy and does not take more than 1 minute, I do it for free if I am available.

If your need takes more time and/or involves changing many files, this is the case of custom work, a case where I charge a $50-100 hourly rate depending on complexity. I personally prefer not to go into custom work, as mostly I am busy with new development projects.

Please Know There Is No Issue, I’ve Double Checked Everything, Did You?

My templates and other specific extensions coming with my Quickstart packages all work perfect as designed on my local computer and my live site, I double checked everything before submitting on ThemeForest, and then reviewers check it too, so if there is any malfunction/failure it is because of you or your server.

I don’t accept claims such as: “your template does not work” (but in fact you get a Joomla error or your server does not comply, or maybe you get a JS conflict with some third part extension) OR “the documentation is misleading”.. Such claims are of course non-sense, may only come because of you or your server. I know time is money, but it’s not my fault you don’t know things and/or don’t have the time to read documentation or try things for yourself on your localhost machine.

Note: Please Understand Nobody Pay Me To Teach You Things

This is another important thing I want you to know that I may not have the time to fix your site, broken because you don’t have the experience enough to manage it, but I can inspect for you and/or give you relevant resource you can get started. Most issues encountered are with users that are unable to install a Quickstart with sample data or some known issue already solved. I also don’t teach you PHP, HTML, JS, CSS but I can give you valuable resources and above all, the Internet is full of tutorials.


As a general rule, if you get an error, first you have to find a solution for yourself, Google will always give you the best resources in ridiculous short amount of time. This is for your best on the long run. You have to experience and learn so later you can make the rules in your field. I expect you do that before contacting me. If you like my work and you want my templates, you have to respect me and my time.



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