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As of 2014, we are rebranded as ThemeKioken, also known as Monofactor.

Wow, 11 years at Envato! I haven’t submitted items much lately, but I’m back! :)

So hey, I’m Onur Oztaskiran. Former design lead of Udemy and Qordoba. I’m mainly a human interface designer but I love coding too and I try to prepare some nifty themes for you guys.

Hope you like my items!

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Support for all themes and templates is conducted through the Kioken Theme support forums.

Please register for an account here. You will need your Item Purchase Code at the ready

After your purchase has been verified (instant) you’ll receive an email with a temporary password and that’s it :)

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Hiring Me: I work under 65 $USD / hr for theme customization requests and freelance design/development projects. Just drop me a line via the form in the page or drop me an email. Thanks.


Onur Oztaskiran