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Content Over Customizations

Why do we use themes?

Think about the function of a picture frame when viewing a picture. The frame should be suitably constructed so that the picture is held appropriately; it should be out of the way; it should draw attention to its contents, and not to the frame itself.

Frames can be fancy, they can be plain. At the end of the day, what’s important is that the contents on the inside are digested by the viewer as easily as possible.

When it comes to WordPress themes, we need to be asking ourselves, “Why do we use themes?” Are we using themes in order to work on our ability to learn a new system and change our site’s layout, or are we using themes as a way to frame our content?

Is the point of a theme to afford us 100+ ways to not be writing content?

We can spend hours upon hours trying to pick out the right frame for our picture, but how our picture is framed is less important than the picture inside. And the same goes for our WordPress themes. It doesn’t matter how many options or customizations or gizmos and widgets our theme has—if the theme makes it so you are spending more time away from the New Post tab, then the theme is not serving its function.

The Function of a Theme

All too often, themes on the marketplace and as popular downloads contain hundreds of shortcodes, customizations, options, and what-have-you’s that all serve to give you a maximum amount of control while latently taking time and energy away from the task that you should be accomplishing—writing.

A theme’s function is two-fold:

  • First, a theme needs to be simple to understand and work out-of-the-box. You should be able to install, activate, and start writing content that will be beautifully framed immediately.
  • Second, it should eliminate distractions, not create more of them.

Does this stop people from using themes that are highly customizable? Of course not. And by no means is a minimalistic theme suitable for certain industries. While we cannot anticipate your specific content, we can anticipate your expectations as a professional content generator.

At Queenhound, we believe that simplicity is the answer to writing distractions. We are professional writers first and WordPress architects second, so we know what things WordPress bloggers use to distract themselves so that they don’t have to write (we’re looking at you!). Using a Queenhound theme is as much about commitment to a theme as it is commitment to the craft of writing. We do not bloat our themes with options or customizations, but we do give you the ability to put your images where you want them and display necessary professional items, like social media icons.

Instead of 500 shortcodes to think about using, we want you to write 500 words.

Instead of 10 different post types, we want you to write 10 more articles.

If you want to focus on customizing themes, buy one with limitless features and customization options.

If, however, you want to focus on content, buy a Queenhound theme.