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This is a great theme (Black&White) with so many wonderful features. It looks great on all devices too but most importantly the customer support is amazing!
Very fast response time for support and got me through the few tweaks that I needed to customise the already great theme. I am one very happy customer!
Superb! Thank you so much for the awesome and amazing product! Will recommend and will deal again… Keep the good stuff up please!
Awesome design and customer support is first class!
Excellent theme and excellent customer support.
Amazing… I don’t think I could ever use Magento without this theme again.
Congrats and thanks for all MeigeeTeam! Great theme with an amazing support made me able to work and understand on my very first magento experience. Thanks!
It is very good by many things, I can’t chose just one point. I like it flexibility, feature availability, design, customizability. And support is good too. Coding I cannot evaluate, but I don’t need to: this theme covers every need I have. Thank you
I have installed this theme for a week only and I am very impressed with its features, the quality of the documentation , the flexibility of the template , the clarity of the design and above all, the quality of the support. This is the first time I work with MeigeeTeam but I feel comfortable recommending their products to future clients/projects of mine! Keep up the good work and thank you. Best Regards, Lisianne
Only just starting to explore the product but already happy with my choice. After being a veteran user of Wordpress themes I was disappointed by how down’n’dirty most Magento themes expect you to get in order to make the most common changes (e.g. changing the theme icon or colour scheme). No problem with Black&White so far as literally hundreds of options can be changed all from the inbuilt config panel. I’m sure that I’ll find some things I don’t like, but so far it is head and shoulders over anything else I’ve tested and well worth the money. Well done Meigee Team!
Main reason for 5 stars is for the support and flexibility of this Magento theme. Any and every question I had.. MeigeeTeam answered and helped me through and through. I will definitely buy themes from them again. Great Developer and Support.. Awesome !!!!
Theme is very nice and highly developed, documentation is very good. Quality of support depends on who answers your tickets.
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