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A fantastic plug in! Not only handy for colour customization but very useful for easily finding css selectors etc. Five star!
hughwall regarding Color studio

Cheers, really great work!! everyone should get it!!
Istvan1979 regarding Ultimate Google web fonts

Oh! Great. Just what I was looking for!
spoogy regarding Silverslide

One of my Themeforest all time favourites. Great work!
glennbroadway regarding Silverslide

Just wanted to give a strong commendation to rvision_ and this Camelus template. The template was relatively easy to work with and customize, I am very happy with the results, and rvision_ helped me quickly with a couple implementation issues. One of the best $20 I ever spent. I will most certainly be using it again for future work.
skleerbracht regarding Camelus

Do let me know if you and your product would like a little free advertising by being acknowledged on my site. Meanwhile, I will heartily recommend your work.
Best regards, Colin regarding Camelus

Thanks very much for your excellent theme
Chris regarding Camelus

Thank you very much – I appreciate the support!
Nathan regarding Silverslide

Many, many thanks. I can’t thank you enough.I’m a film producer and I have a production company. Web design is a pet project. If you ever need anything to do with video post-production let me know. I love to help. The least I can do to return the favour. Have a look.
Riza regarding Silverslide

Worked perfect, thanks so much! Great support!
Jeff regarding Silverslide

That works perfectly. Thanks so much for your help (and so fast too)! Cheers
John regarding Silverslide