A Collaboration by Patrik Larsson & Paul Trifa

About SimplyPixels

SimplyPixels is a collaboration between two Envato Marketplace authors, namely, PatrikL (Patrik Larsson) & Enabled (Paul Trifa). Our focus will lay mainly on ThemeForest, to design and develop high quality Themes/Templates for all kinds of use, with pixel perfect precision our themes will rock your world!

If you are on the look-out for perfection, high quality themes and first class support, it is a must to follow SimplyPixels today!

We Believe

  • That people should have the ability to pick up things that work straight out of the box.
  • In First-Class Support – We offer Free 24/7 support if you need any help at all.
  • In user experience – Our themes are always designed with love and developed with the customer in mind.
  • Freedom of Choice – That’s why we aim to design & develop themes for the masses.
  • In Innovation – Without innovation the world won’t move.
  • Simplicity – Is the way to go, beautiful design & clean easy to understand code are our motto!

Featured File: PixelApp – Landing Page for Applications

How do I get Support?

If you need support we strongly encourage you to contact us via the contact field to the right as we need to verify that you have purchased our file. If you contact us directly without us able to verify you, we will not respond!

And last but not least, we offer free support for installing and customizing the file. By customizing, we understand implementing all the features that the template provides as is. If you wish to add new features to your project, a freelance fee will apply. But don’t worry about loosing money with us! We will implement whatever your heart desires!

In Development

We have a couple of items in the works almost every week. We suggest that you follow us to see when they are released, just click on either one of the images below to start following us now!

A few things we request from our buyers!

Please be polite, if there is anything you do not understand when working with one our templates, please contact us and be polite. We understand that it might be frustrating now knowing how certain things work, that is why we offer free support.
Please be decent, as there currently aren’t any way for us to stop our files from being distributed for free, we have implemented a few security measures. If you have stolen a file from us, this is what you’ll get in return:
  • No file will have a working contact/subscribe form
  • Due to the mechanism implemented to detect mobile browsers, you will not get the mobile version!
  • And last but not least, you will not get ANY support! Ever!

So, if any of these features don’t work, it means that you have gotten a hold of a stolen copy of one of our items!

All of our files have more than decent prices, if we feel that an item from us has a too high price, we’ll contact support and ask them to lower it for us. We do all this for you, the customer, to provide the best possible price, for you!

It is in everyone’s best interest that all of our files stay top notch at all times!