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The world of businesses is in a state of constant evolution, and we believe that a great idea deserves an even better online representation. That’s the foundation of Slide Sigma’s purpose. With over a half million new businesses established annually in the United States alone, there should be a way for a small business to stand out, for a new concept to grow to a reality, and for the next big idea to sweep the world.
Our themes and products are developed using a process that combines the conceptualization of future design and the best possible digital representation for new and existing businesses across the globe. Through the development of stimulating graphics and designs that are charged with life, our services and our attitude reflect our mindset.
We’re headquartered in Brooklyn, New York and are available 24/7 for support, questions, coffee or feedback from our valued clients. At Slide Sigma, we don’t shy away from change – we thrive on it.

A market is never saturated with a good product, but is very quickly saturated with a bad one.


We are always available for freelance job, WordPress Development, Plugin Development, HTML Template design, Psd Template design and Theme Customization Customization. Hire us for your next web project and we will deliver quality work based on your requirements. We look forward to work with you, and to exceed your expectations.


If you are a talented designer, photographer or illustrator, and you have some works that you wish to be displayed in our demo previews, go ahead and contact us: we are open for cooperation!


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