Sreenu bfa

Art is Passion of Life

Art is not a dream but it is fact
Art is not a goal but it is passion
Art is not a concave but it is stream
Art is not a thought but it is with in us
Art doesn’t have an end but it
goes beyond…...

Thanks for stopping by! my self sreenu bfa Visualiser / web designer / developer / UI Designer / Graphic Designer, from hyderabad, india with 4+ years of experience, My skills are Primarily in BFA, Specialized in Applied Arts & Visual Communications. With a Zeal to make Impossible as Possible. I like to create innovative things in every part of my work which makes the design edge of art.

Our Philosophy

Believes on God but doesn’t pray in front of any idol
because the ideas and the thoughts I have
needed to be fulfilled by myself by applying hardwork.
Iam always in Search of Something,
But, I have’t lost anything.
I don’t think about past,
because i may loose my present.
and I don’t even think about the present,
as I’m preplanned about my future.

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