Work wih emotions

Rule nr.1: You never stop searching.

The most simple and important rule is that if you don’t know the answer, first you have to understand the question importance.

Rule nr.2: You never give up.

Every action has to be done as it’s planned, if you can’t complete it, read the rule nr.1 If you are not satisfied of the final it means you are only at the middle. If you give up, you get back to the beginning with the “wasted time” bag.

You're looking for something you can't find,
If you give it up you'll lose your mind,
There's always something in your way.
But what can you say?
You're gonna have a good day!
Words from the song: “The Click Five - Good Day”

Rule nr.3: Your works are your emotions.

Where focus goes energy flows. Make it fantastic, unique and what’s the most important energize it with positive or negative pressure, that way the energy pressure will approach your client just right the way you need it.

Rule nr.4: Client gets emotions.

Make it easy recognisable and understandable. It have to suit with your clients emotional stance. If your client undrestands your messages, it means your client gets the emotions and meanings from the messages you’re sending to them. Emotions will bring to you, loyal and new potencial clients because of the importance you shared with them.

And when I’m talking about understanding, I mean full understanding of the benefits and features which I can get by accepting your offer.

“It’s not only about the words and numbers that you write in your message. It’s all about the emotional understanding of your message.”

Sincerely, Aleksej O.