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We are Themes Mill, a Web Design & Development Company located in the United States. We love creative art and firmly believe that to create elegant and professional digital art in the form of web designs and themes, one has to have good aesthetic sense. We have been in the business of building websites since 1990. Welcome to our shop on themeforest! We hope you like our work. Please leave us a review and tell us if you like or hate our designs. We welcome your feedback. Our support team is readily available to help you with setting up designs and themes purchased from our shop. You can also hire us if you need new custom features.

We are an experienced team of designers and developers who creates great and unique designs. We specialize in building beautiful HTML Templates and WordPress Themes. We love being creative and our goal is to bring new and unique ideas to the market via themeforest. We build designs and themes based on unique ideas using latest tools and technologies.

Using a WordPress theme is a great way to ensure that your website looks both unique and professional. However, we believe that it shouldn’t cost a small fortune. With that in mind, we offer themes at a very affordable rate.

When it Comes to WordPress Themes, Uniqueness Sets Your Site Apart When you first install WordPress, you’ll notice that your website already looks pretty. The basics are in place, albeit with dummy text and placeholders. WordPress installs a default theme that is easy on the eyes and ready for you to plug in your details.

Yes, the default theme is pretty, and yes, a lot of businesses use it. However, do you want your WordPress site to look like every other WordPress site out there? Does WordPress’s default theme adequately reflect your business’s personality? Like it or not, your website is the “face” of your business to many of your customers. Using a unique theme or customizing your existing theme to reflect your branding is essential. Anything less will send a signal to your site’s visitors that your site’s nothing special. Is that the message you want to send?

Buying a professional WordPress theme from us ensures that your branding and company identity come shining through. It sets your site apart from the crowd.

Themes Mill is always focused on producing high quality products. We don’t compromise on quality.

Facing a problem with our product? No worries – our premium customer support service is always available for your help.

You can contact our support team by opening a ticket at our dedicated support website

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Our support staff works from Monday to Friday. If you post a question during the weekend, you will be responded on the next business day.