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Behind Theme Village stands a husband and a wife and together they specialize in creating WordPress Portfolio themes exclusively for Photographers.

“We spend a lot of our time talking and listening to photographers all over the world to better understand what exactly photographers need in a portfolio website. Our WordPress themes are the result of this amazing collaboration. We strive to create themes with everything a photographer needs and nothing she/he doesn’t!

When creating a theme, we don’t pack it with 100s of shortcodes and features that no-one is going to use! At the same time, we want to make our themes as easy as possible for people to personalize by giving our customers the features that they can actually use without any WordPress or programming knowledge. We do our best to create usable interfaces and fresh, exciting designs and our themes are exactly that!”

Our Latest Photography WordPress Themes

Bluebird – Professional, Multiconcept, Elegant

Aster – Fast, Smooth, Beautiful

Camilla – Horizontal, Luxurious, Modern

Talent – Unique, Daring, Beautiful

Magpie – Horizontal, Visual, With a sidemenu

Emily – Clean, Playful, Esay to use

Sunday – Modern, WooCommerce ready, Fullscreen

Watson – Modern, Clean, Masonry

Kameron – Horizontal, Album-style, With a sidemenu

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