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March, 28th Submitted new theme to marketplace Just submitted new WordPress theme based on our freshest platform.

January, 25th Blog Theme Launch on Atom Today we’re announcing new theme based on brand-new OOP and MVC framework for WordPress.

January, 11th Atom Customization

Added additional feature that allow to change main framework view (template system) path. So basically you can create theme inside WordPress atom’s directory and put your customization here, no more worries about core update etc.

January, 9th Atom Installers and Updaters

Now Atom has installers that will follow version and install/alter MySQL database. This feature needed for building bespoke solutions with optimized data and related tables.

January, 6th Atom Versions

Added versions to the Atom core for further extensions.

January, 5th Testing Atom Framework

Hey guys, today our dev team started testing new MVC framework for building super-fast themes :grin:

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