Beautifully Simple Newsstand Publishing

The Way People Read Magazines Has Changed

People read on the go, as they wait for their train, as they stand in line, as they go through their day, using multiple devices.

For their reading experience to be seamless, they need apps that are Flexible. Responsive. Quick. Light. They don’t want to pinch, zoom and flip to death a giant PDF that takes forever to download over 3G.

They want TypeEngine.

Why You’ll Love TypeEngine

Super Simple Workflow

PDF’s are an inflexible production nightmare. With TypeEngine, you create your magazine templates once and your content automatically adapts to whatever device it is being viewed with in any orientation. HUZZAH!

Content is King

No clunky, pinch/zoom/squint fiascos or “I’d rather be stabbed in the face” download times. Just easy to read bliss and the ability to download anytime anywhere over a cell connection. YESSSSSS!

Completely Customizable

Use built-in themes that supports audio, video, ads, slideshows and images right out of the box, change the look of your theme via HTML/CSS, or hire us to create a custom theme for you.

You Own Your Magazine

You get paid directly from Apple, you have full control over pricing, subscriptions, and publishing schedule, and your app is published under your own name.

Preview Natively

Download our preview app to see your revisions on an actual device before your magazine goes live. Need to change something? No problem. Make an edit and preview it again in seconds.

Analytics Support

Google Analytics support is built in. Get insight into how your app is being used, what content is most popular, and where to focus promotional efforts.