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Studio Laniste

Studio Laniste is an indie movie and movie music production from Zagreb, Croatia. Along with our partners, friends and associates we gathered an experienced team covering various art fields, mainly giving priority to entertainment and creative projects. Marketing production is the commercial segment where we focus on promotional video clips production, editing and various events shooting as well as composing, recording and music production for different video formats and movie genre.

We cover entire production process, from generating ideas to delivering the final product, no matter it concernes an optical media, internet, television or “big screen”.

We are opened for new ideas and cooperation with enthusiasts who like our work, as well as artists and everyone who has an idea and wants us to be a part of their own project.

If we were to divide our activities in categories it would go like this:

– idea and scenario
– financial planning
– planning, shooting and crew organisation
– photography and shooting – audio/video editing
– color correction and grading
– postproduction
– delivery for television, internet and cinema (DCP and digital formats)

– composing for television and movies
– performing and recording
– mixdown and mastering

Our featured products:
– short and full feature ducumentary movies
– coverages and promo videos
– music videos
– wedding and event videos and photography

Official website: