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Hello I am having trouble with the contact form. When I click the send button it turns to loading and hangs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, can you send your website url? Have you did any modification on contact page? Let me know.

Is it possible to have the lightbox paginate so it goes to the next image and to the previous?

Yes it’s possible by small modification. Please send message through my profile i will send you a file.

The top nav is off place at a certain screen size in ie10 and firefox, seems fine in chrome.


What is the fix?


I would like to have multiple carousels featuring photos from different events on a page. When I copy & paste a photo carousel the forward/bacl arrow buttons will not control the photos yet will control the first carousel row only. How can I resolve this?

Love the template and so does the client! Thanks.

I am not a complete idiot but I am learning. Where exactly would I make the name change for the carousel (as in”Latest Projects” for example)—in the flexslider.css script file? I need help. This is the last hurdle for this job. Can you spell it out for this slightly more than novice Dreamweaver user? Thanks.

Hi, you can follow step below:

1) Open file ‘carousel.html’

2) Copy carousel div ‘project-carousel’ then rename it to as example ‘news-carousel’.

<div class="flexslider pf-carousel project-carousel">

3) Open file ‘custom.css’ in css folder, then copy code below:

        animation: "slide",
        animationLoop: true,
        slideshow: false,
        itemWidth: 180,
        itemMargin: 0,
        minItems: 2,
        maxItems: 4

THANKS! I appreciate your quick response. Time to get this job finished. :)

Hallo, I’d like to trigger tooltip but I’m not a developer. Is this simple? Thanks in Advance.

Sorry, currently this template not supported for tooltip, i will consider to make this feature on next update.

I have a problem about this template. When screen size between 340px and 750px, width of class span3 or span4 expand 100%(ex:https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/--i2aqtd2Tqc/UzLtG4BCVhI/AAAAAAAAR7M/zEzeejCZtNc/s913/Inspira-Your-Inspiration-%25202014-03-26%252023-03-58.png), there is a lot of area no content full fill (if use image will more obvious). Is any possible to show 2 column (contents use class span3) when screen size between 340px and 750px? ps: I really love this template. :)

thank you, and i have other issues. (1) header area is always fix on the top, how to make the header not fix on the top? (2)how to set page width to 1024px?

To remove fixed header you can follow step below:
1) Open file js/designesia.js (you can use Dreamweaver or Notepad)
2) Delete ‘sticky header’ code from line 32 – 50. Done.

Thank you very much, but i can’t find designesia.js, the ‘sticky header’ found in custom.js and worked. Now have other issues. (1)when i use boxed layout, the background image not repeat at bottom(ex:), (2)footer section has a fixed blank area, i cant change the footer or subfooter css to make this blank disappear. where i can find related setting?

Great template. I’m having issues like the others with the contact page. any help would be great! Cheers

Hi, thanks for your comment. Regarding your issue, i thought you use a Gmail. A solution used by some people is to simply create a new email address email@your-domain.com.

Good evening, I wanted to know if I can custom size the image on the big header image? thanks

Hi, can you explain more what image exactly you mean, image on slider?

What is the best way to make the news section work? For instance if you click on news in the preview it goes to a directory. Should you just insert a link to a blog page and do that for every item?

Hi, since this is html template it must be done manually. Yes you must insert link for every item.

This is a great template but one issue…when you have any carousel’s on the home page, and start off with a small window then enlarge it to another monitor, the spacing messes up and all the images collapse on each other. Can this be fixed please? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for your notice. I will try to find solutions for this.

The awesome font icons are no longer working. How can I implement them again?

Hi, i can see it on your website. Have you managed to fix it?

%E2%80%8E keeps getting appended to my urls. It seems to possibly be related to UTF-8. Any ideas?

I get this whenever I click a link from the website. Some work and some do not. It’s like the theme is missing a character set.

Hi, what language did you used for your website?


Have been trying to solve a few problems for days now. When I few the site I’m working on using this theme the phone #, email, facebook and twitter do not appear on smart phones. I’m checking on iphone. I my press section I’m using the zoom feature but when the user zooms on a phone the image pops up small and does not fill the smart phone window. Is there a way to fix these issues or do I need to start over with a different theme? Please advise, my client is getting restless. Here’s a link to the beta site. http://www.ongraphics.com/jm_beta/index.html Thank you.


Open file css/style.css then remove code line 2429 – 2431 below:

header .info {
        display: none;


In the document on Google Maps contact, not against line code maps.

Help-me please.

Hi, sorry not clear with your issue. Can you explain more?

I am trying to disable overlay or change opacity. I tried overlay_gallery:false in the javascript file and that didn’t work. I also tried setting opacity opacity:0.80 but it had no effect. Thanks, Mary

Hi, did you meant is overlay on gallery item hover? You can open file js/custom.js then look at line 116 below:

jQuery(this).parent().find(".overlay").fadeTo(150, 1);

To change opacity to 80% replace with code below:

jQuery(this).parent().find(".overlay").fadeTo(150, .8);

Hi. Do you have any idea why when I upload the theme it says : broken theme, template is missing: ??. Thanks.

This is html template not a WordPress theme.

Hi-I’m having trouble with the accordian element. After the 4th one they all stay open and aren’t collapsed by default. Thanks

Hi-I sent the url to your email yesterday morning. thanks

Hi-still having the problem with the accordian. I sent the url to your gmail account-I don’t want to make it public. Can you please have a look? I can send to you again if needed. thanks

Hi, please check your email.

Hello-I’m unable to get the accordian element to work properly. I’ve been researching and trying to get it to work for a week but have not had success. Could someone help, please?I sent you the URL and can send again. When I add a fourth to the example given and rename the div id to collapseFour it does not close by default. Thanks

Hi, please check your email.

Hello, I just bought the Inspira template. In the features description it is told that there are “PSD files included” but there is only one “inspira-homepage.psd” file corresponding to the home page. Could you please send me the other available files for this template? Thanks in advance!

Hello, you should correct the description of the theme that there is only one psd fie instead of files. If I knew, it was only the home page psd included, I would not buy this template. I would like to have a reimbursement of my purchase. Regards.

Sorry for you inconvenience, i will change file description.

Hello. I did not have the refund I asked for because the theme description was not exact and because I did not have the files that it was supposed to be in the package. Can you do something ?

I just purchased this theme. When I go to install it, it fails and says the following: “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” What do I do?

Thank you

Hi, thanks for your purchasing! Seems you try to install this on WP, this is html template not a WordPress theme. Please read file description.

Oh! My mistake then! I have no knowledge of working with HTML, I only use WordPress. Can I please have a refund. Thank you in advance.

Sorry I do not have the authority for this, you can ask support.