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the live preview is not working, Check it

The demo is working now. Thank you.

Nice template :) GLWS

Thank you.

Is this wordpress compatible? If not is there any chance it will be in the future?

Thank you for your interest in my template. This is only an html/css template you can not install it as a wordpress theme.For the wordpress version iam planing to convert it into a wordpress theme but not now, it may takes some time because i have some wordpress project before this one.

Is the contact form set up with the necessary PHP files?

Hi, thank you for your interest in my template. Yes the contact form is fully working, you have just to replace the email adress in the php file by yours.

One last question before I buy it, is this based on bootstrap 3 or the previous version?

This template is not based on bootstrap at all.

Very nice theme. Going to purchase it now

Thank you, very glad that you like it.

Very nice LP. Are there separate pages in the download for the privacy, terms and support link on the bottom? Thank you

Thank you for your interest , the link at the bottom don’t have separate page .

Clean work! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Thank you mate.

Hello Excellent Theme!!

One question if I May. Once I have set up a mail chip account what do I need to change?

Many thanks

Hi, thank you for purchasing my template, please send me an email via my profile page.

do you get the psd with this

Hi, thank you for your interest in my template . No psd is provided with this template sorry. But you can edit it easly using HTML /CSS .

The Gallery arrows are not working in Safari browser.

Hi, the gallery is working fine in safari.

strange the demo did not work but once I bought it it works fine

How do I change the icon images in the about section next to the text? For example the icon-hourglass, icon-megaphone, etc. there are 6 of them. I don’t see them in the images folder.

Hi, thank you for purchasing my template , send me an email via my profile page.

Thank you so much for resolving this issue, Great support!!

Is it possible to remove a section from the template without it affecting the site? I do not think I will be needing the gallery or pricing sections. Also, is it possible to swap the order of the sections without much difficulty?

Hi, thank for your interest in my template, yes you can do that easly by removing or changing the order of the section because every section of the template is seperated you can see that in the demo by taking a look at source code of the page.

The Gallery arrows don’t work in Safari.

Hi, thank you for purchasing my template. The template has been tested in safari and the gallery is working. Please send me your browser spec and your platform either Mac or windows via my profile page contact form.

How do i even install it? I tried install it via FTP but says that theme misses stylesheet.


Hi, this is not a Wordpress theme this is only HTML / CSS template .

I sent a support question and have not had a response in a few days. Please reply. Thank you.

Hi, thank you for purchasing my template. I do responde all questions, could you remember me your support request or question or you can send it again.

Thank you for template. It’s amazing! 5 stars!

Thank you for purchasing my template, and for the nice words i really appreciate it a lot.

Hi, How do I find the icon library and can I add icons if they are not included. I didn’t find any info about icons in the documentation.

Hi, thank you for purchasing my template. Please send me an email via my profile page.

I need to add file upload to the contact form, can you please tell me how can I go about it?

Hi, thank you for purchasing my template . Send me an email via my profile page.

I did that, but there is no response from your end, can you please check?

I did send you email.

Why isn’t it working fine on iPad(landscape mode)? http://www.visaspring.com/--> my site

Hello, I have some site visitors that say the site get’s “locked up” which I believe is an issue relating to the pre-loader (e.g. a script is incompatible or doesn’t load properly then the whole page gets stuck on the “circles” preloading page. Can I disable preload or bypass it in some way for users that are on older browsers or have JS disabled, etc.?


Hi, you can use Modernizr to write conditional JavaScript and CSS to handle each situation, whether a browser supports a feature or not.